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Bruno Redondo Debuts New BATGIRL Costume Design

Superstar artist Bruno Redondo reveals DC Comics new design for Barbara Gordon’s BATGIRL costume. Soon to be seen in the pages of Nightwing.



Batgirl (DC Comics)

If you have been keeping up with Nightwing comics then you’ll know that Barbara Gordon has been spending a lot of time in Blüdhaven. Following on the end of her solo series, Babs has reclaimed her once legendary codename of Oracle and has been aiding Nightwing in his mission to reclaim the city.

But now it has been revealed that she will soon be suiting back up. Comic artist Bruno Redondo has shared concept art for Batgirl’s latest costume on Twitter, revealing she will suit up in the pages of future Nightwing issues.

“Hey, here’s new BATGIRL design! It’ll appear in next Nightwing issues along ‘FEAR STATE’ event, hope you like it 🙂 @DCComics @TomTaylorMade @jesswchen #batgirl” Redondo writes on Twitter.

Fans will quickly notice the costume is inspired by Babs’ Burnside look from the New 52 era. Using functional fabrics and colours inspired by Yvonne Craig’s classic suit from the 1960’s Batman TV series.

“Yes, it’s based partly in ‘burnside’ one mostly in the practical-real fabric vibes, and also in a few more.” said Redondo in a reply to a fan. “The ideas that I wanted to add to the mix of many classics Batgirl suits are A- White eyes (not sure if someone did ever, maybe in some video games) B- black/purple lipstick fitting with the cowl C- Long cape D- cape can turn into wings Batman style, so she can plane instead of rope-swing, which could be less violent for her back.”

But this was not all! After sharing the design, Redondo then gave fans a sneaky peek at a new triptych of Nightwing covers. The covers will make up issues #84-86 which all form part of DC Comics “Fear State” event.

Batgirl is also on her way to the big screen with development ongoing on a live-action movie from Warner Bros. and HBO Max.

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