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Gtarcade Announce METAL REVOLUTION Closed Beta

Gtarcade has announced a new closed beta for the upcoming mechanical fighting game METAL REVOLUTION.



Metal Revolution (Gtarcade)

Gtarcade, publishing branch of the mobile gaming developer YOOZOO Games, is excited to announce that the upcoming mobile mecha fighting game Metal Revolution is entering closed beta and will be available to players around the world via Google Play Beta. The game is set to officially launch in selected countries in the second quarter of 2021 and fighting games enthusiasts can look forward to the full global release later in the year.

Players can sign up for the closed beta on Google Play, as well as join a series of pre-registration events on the official website to get rewarded with in-game items, coins and a hero skin.

Metal Revolution is a groundbreaking new fighting game that revitalizes the genre and brings the soul of the classic arcade fighting games into a new era, providing a more seamless and fluent gameplay experience on mobile devices. Players can directly control the movements of their fighters very much like they would on a console or PC, allowing them to time their attacks and providing a skill ceiling for each of the different heroes. Additional gameplay features that further support the strategic gameplay of Metal Revolution include:

  • Parry, where players can parry anytime (even when blocking or in the air)
  • Energy bar that makes players carefully plan their resource spending
  • Offensive and defensive players that excel at different playstyles

Set in an intricate cyberpunk world that heavily relies on machinery and cybernetic enhancements, the game offers intuitive controls, deep gameplay mechanics and 60fps graphics quality. From a Muay Thai boxer to a katana-swinging Yakuza boss, players can choose from a wide range of fighters to climb global ranked matches and hone their skills. Each of the heroes offer a deep backstory to experience complemented by rich gameplay and combat mechanics created through motion capture, with input from martial arts experts and inspiration from legacy arcade fighting games. 

The Metal Revolution Global Closed Beta will commence on May 27th and conclude on June 11th. Players can sign up for free via the Google Play store, and jump right in to try out multiple game modes and fighters that offer dozens of ways to crush your opponents to fine dust. Please note that all player data will be deleted after the Closed Beta ends.

Additionally, First Official Show Match will be streamed on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok and Nimo TV on June 5th to showcase Metal Revolution in a truly competitive setting. Sixteen participants, including fighting game diehards and highly popular streamers such as Skorpion Gamer, Ligpaogamer and Viros, will compete for the following prizes:

  • 1st – 3rd places: Unique legendary in-game skin
  • 1st place: USD1000 
  • 2nd place: USD500 
  • 3rd place: USD300 
  • 4th place: USD200 
  • 5th & 6th place: USD100 

All Show Match participants will receive a special avatar frame and in-game currency of their choosing. The streaming will be available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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