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CROSSOVER Vol 1 Review

Dave reviews Image Comics CROSSOVER VOL. 1 calling it a “story of epic proportions.” Grab your copy in print and on digital now.



Crossover #1 (Image Comics)

Published by Image Comics, Crossover Vol. 1 is written by Donny Cates, illustrated by Geoff Shaw, coloured by Dee Cunniffe and lettered by John J Hill. Vol 1 collects #1-6.

Grab your copy of Crossover Vol. 1 in print and on digital now where all good comics are sold. Get your digital copy from Comixology now.


Imagine everything you thought was fantasy…was real. And now join us, in a world where reality is dead…and anything is possible…The powerhouse creative team of Donny Cates (Venom, Thor), Geoff Shaw (GOD COUNTRY, Thanos Wins), Dee Cunniffe (REDNECK), and John J Hill (NAILBITER) have reunited after a string of breakout hits for an all-new, genre-defying series.


Being into most things “superhero” I was quite interested to get into Crossover to see what new story arc we would be getting. But nothing prepared me for the thrill ride that writer Donny Cates was about to take me on.

If you’ve ever read any superhero comics or watched any superhero films then you will most definitely enjoy Crossover and all it throws at you. You follow Ellie and comic store owner Otto as they try to take a young girl back to her family inside “the dome,” a forcefield set up to keep superheroes in and the general public out. In this world, superheroes and comics have been deemed the enemy. The adventure they embark on is truly epic. It’s filled with twists and turns, meeting many awesome characters on the way. Many of which you will be familiar with. The story brings aspects of many comic genres to life with fantasy and a more graphic action content coming to the fore. The story is sewn together in an innovative way by using a narrator to bring together the story arc using wit and humour. Cates’ story also provides flash backs to fill in the gaps in the story.

At times the story goes for the heart strings but mainly you are on a roller coaster thrill ride of page after page of relentless action. Mix that with injections of humour along with plenty of comic Easter eggs and you truly are onto a winner.

The writing from Cates is superb from the very first page to the last you will be captivated, also leads quite well onto the next volume with a great cliffhanger ending. The visuals are stunning with Shaw providing the eye popping creative visuals on every page drawing you more and more into the book, team that with the eye catching colours from Cunnilife and you have a visual masterpiece on your hands.


I found Crossover thrilling to read and a series I most definitely want more from. Once again Cates is bringing out the big guns to bring us a story of epic proportions. If you like your superheroes you definitely need to take a look at this, believe me you won’t be disappointed. Bring on #7!

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