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THE BAD BATCH 1×02 “Cut and Run” review

Episode two of Star Wars: The Bad Batch is now available to watch on Disney+



Star Wars: The Bad Batch

The Bad Batch are on the run and they’re a member down. The Empire is slowly growing in strength following the demise of the Jedi and the galaxy is shifting and no one, not even Clone Force 99, knows how to confront the coming calamity. In a desperate bid to lay low, the clones retreat to J-19 where a familiar and friendly face awaits them. Who could it be? Well, that would spoil the surprise wouldn’t it? However, die-hard Clone Wars fans will definitely be very happy to see the return of this particular character.

Obviously, this episode is significantly shorter than the premiere episode that aired just days ago but it’s equally as rich. After an incredibly tense and shocking start, the Bad Batch needed to recover, so did we in all honesty, so they decide to hide themselves away giving them time to adapt to their new situation. Clankers will now be at the bottom of their list of concerns while their own brothers and comrades sit firmly at the top.

Much like episode one, “Cut and Run” does an excellent job at exploring the Empire’s transitional period. Rather than focusing on the clone army this time, we actually get to see how the Empire made changes to aspects of everyday life such as traveling and currency. Of course, we’re talking about the Empire here so there’s always a reason for doing such things. It soon becomes clear just how the Empire was able to gain control so efficiently. Surprisingly, it wasn’t purely down to the might of the clone army. No, the Empire had other ways of manipulating and controlling entire planets.

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Bad Batch

While this episode isn’t as thrilling or spectacular as its predecessor, it excels at expanding the universe that we are already intensely familiar with. There are still some pretty cool and epic moments, but this episode allowed us to witness the Empire’s conquest. We’re not on some fancy planet like Coruscant, we’re in the Outer Rim on a pretty barren planet. Yet, it’s on those places where dramatic changes feel a lot harsher and I hope it’s a theme than continues in The Bad Batch. The Clone Wars was always able to effectively show how the war impacted smaller systems and planets, so it only seems right for The Bad Batch to do the same. Except this time, we’ll get to gradually see the Empire spread like a poison.

“Cut and Run” is a great continuation. While there are many questions left unanswered, episode two presents us with a bigger picture regarding the state of the galaxy. In addition to that, this episode also took the opportunity to explore the dynamic between Omega and Hunter. Omega is able to act a lot more like a child in this episode and it’s incredibly sweet to watch. In a way, she reminded me of Rey from The Force Awakens. There’s this innocence to Omega, but also a toughness which she pursues in an attempt to impress Hunter. She idolizes him and it’s very bizarre for Hunter. He’s a solider, yet he must adopt a more paternal stance in order to keep Omega safe.

Despite being only two episodes in, I am absolutely loving The Bad Batch. It’s hard to predict what will happen next especially in regards to Omega, she is an absolute mystery, but that all adds to the show’s appeal. The Bad Batch has a lot of potential and so far they’re absolutely nailing it. Similar to Clone Wars, The Bad Batch is full of epic action, stunning animation, and a well planned out narrative that perfectly executes a balance between both character building and incorporating serious themes surrounding governing and politics. Episode 2 takes us away from the intense action and gives us the opportunity to see Omega and Hunter’s relationship grow while effectively laying down the foundations for the Empire’s quiet and seamless take over. It definitely wasn’t the relaxing retreat they needed but things are only going to get harder and more complicated as the Empire’s grip tightens. What’s next for Clone Force 99? Your guess is as good as mine. We’ll have to wait until Friday 14th to see what’s in store for the Bad Batch.

The Bad Batch episode 2 “Cut and Run” will be available to watch from May 7th exclusively on Disney+. From that point, fans will be able to enjoy a brand new episode every Friday. What did you think of today’s episode? Let us know in the comments.

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