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Sideshow unveils BATMAN BEYOND statue

Terry McGinnis’s Batman gets a gorgeous statue



Everyone has their own image of Batman. Their favourite version of Batman, both on screen and in the comics. They’ll have their favourite story line, character, and they will definitely have their favourite Batman costume. Batman Beyond gave us one of the coolest costumes in Batman’s history.

To keep himself fit enough to continue his crime fighting crusade, Bruce Wayne developed a state of the art suit that provided enhanced capabilities that allowed him to maintain the upper hand despite his deteriorating heart. The suit was later given to Terry McGinnis who became the next Batman.

The brilliant folks at Sideshow have developed a stunning statue depicting Terry in the iconic suit.

Check it out!
Batman Beyond

The Batman Beyond Figure measures 21” tall as the sleek-suited Terry McGinnis jets off the top of a futuristic Gotham City base. Gone are the stone gargoyles of the past. Updated into more technological gunmetal gray paneling with red accents befitting Batman’s own upgrades as the dark defender of the night.

The polyresin Figure features a fully sculpted Batsuit with detailed musculature and varied textures to reflect the armored and tactical elements of his costume. As the inheritor of Bruce Wayne’s heroic mantle, Terry McGinnis wears a silver utility belt and has striking red wings along with a red bat symbol on his chest, giving him a high-tech look. This highly-dynamic statue also features detailed elements of sculpted flame and rocket exhaust as Batman takes to the skies to tackle a new era of crime in Neo-Gotham.

The statue is available to buy from Sideshow for just under £450. You can check it out in all of its glory right here.

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