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Monster Hunter


MONSTER HUNTER drops action-packed trailer

Are you ready to see Milla Jovovich go up against massive monsters?

Our best look at Jovovich’s upcoming adventure has finally dropped in the form of a pretty epic trailer. Director by Paul W.S. Anderson, Monster Hunter looks to adapt the highly popular video game franchise by Capcom with a slight twist.

Jovovich stars as Captain Artemis who, along with her team of soldiers, finds herself marooned on different planet after driving through an electric storm. Unlike the video games that solely take place on a single fictional world filled with giant weapons, various landscapes, and cats (Palicoes) that can cook and hunt with you, this adaptation appears to bring our world to the Monster Hunter world. We have a feeling this may not sit that well with a lot of Monster Hunter players.

Feast your eyes on the explosive trailer below.

This new trailer gave us am awesome look at two incredibly popular monsters: a Rathalos and a Diablos. Two dragon-like monsters that know how to cause a lot of damage. Beyond those two epic creatures, we also got a look at a Apceros- imagine an ankylosaurus. and a Nerscylla- a disgusting creepy-crawly.

We instantly fell in love with the huge monsters that starred in this trailer. However, the icing on the cake would have been seeing The Admiral, played by Ron Perlman, and Meowscular Chef- a pretty butch Felyne who can whip up a lovely meal. According to Anderson, Chef will have a “rather flirtatious relationship” with Jovovich’s Captain Artemis. We’re not sure how we feel about that yet.

Video game adaptations have a pretty poor history when it comes to the audiences reception. Could this be different? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Monster Hunter swoops into theaters in December.

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