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SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY – the reviews are in!



Solo: A Star Wars Story

The reviews are in! Solo: A Star Wars Story doesn’t open until next week but in a bold movie Disney has allowed the critics to let us know what they think of the movie early.

Is it the critical darling of Rogue One? Will it live up to The Force Awakens? Well at the time of writing the film holds a score of 70% fresh. That’s not bad but it is mixed.

Here’s what some of the top critics thought of the latest Star Wars spin-off.

Chicago Sun Times

One of the lighter of the Star Wars adventures… entertaining as hell but not particularly deep. [3.5/4]

US Weekly

No doubt Harrison Ford’s Han Solo would casually dismiss this adequately fun origin story with a wink and a wry smile.

NY Post

It’s “How I Met Your Wookiee”! [1/4]

Washington Post

“Solo: A Star Wars Story” gets the job done with little fuss, but also with precious little finesse. [2/4]

Rolling Stone

Howard and the Kasdans play the series game without ever raising the stakes, defaulting to dull and dutiful when they might have blasted off into creative anarchy. [2.5/4]

USA Today

While Solo is a Star Wars movie that gambles on not really being a “Star Wars movie,” it’s a winning chapter that only sparingly (though intriguingly) shows its hand in connecting to the bigger universe. [3/4]

Indie Wire

It may be a prequel, and it may ostensibly stand alone, but it fits into the wider galaxy with ease. [B+]


It’s the very definition of “solid” and “competent.” Nothing more, nothing less. [B]


Though burdened with a slow start and enough thirsty fan-service to power Comic-Con’s Hall H for a decade, it has a kicky, kinetic heist movie at its heart, and its action sequences are machine-tooled spectacles of the first order.
Hollywood Reporter
Despite the intermittent lags, the production proves to be more than a salvage operation thanks mainly to those engagingly choreographed performances, led by an irresistibly charismatic title turn from Alden Ehrenreich.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is directed by Ron Howard. The film stars Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo, Emilia Clarke as Kira, Woodly Harrelson as Beckett, Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian and Joonas Suotamo as Chewbacca. The film also stars Thandie Newton, Warwick Davis and Paul Bettany and hits cinemas May 25, 2018.

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