‘Green Arrow’ #8 Review!

'Green Arrow' #8 art by Juan E. Ferreyra , Otto Schmidt
'Green Arrow' #8 art by Juan E. Ferreyra , Otto Schmidt
'Green Arrow' #8 cover art by Otto Schmidt'Green Arrow' #8 cover art by Otto Schmidt
‘Green Arrow’ #8 cover art by Otto Schmidt
  • Written by Benjamin Percy
  • Pencils, Inks & Colours by Juan E. Ferreyra , Otto Schmidt
  • Cover by Otto Schmidt

“ISLAND OF SCARS” part one! Artist Otto Schmidt returns to GREEN ARROW for the story fans have been waiting for! Following the life-changing events of the past few issues, Green Arrow and Black Canary are back where Ollie’s journey began: the shores of a deserted island, where DC’s most turbulent super-couple have no distraction-and no escape-from their powerful feelings for each other.

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In a recent review of ‘The Flash’ comics I talked about how three of the DC Comics series now vie for the title of first comic I read when my subscriptions arrive. Those three series are ‘Batman’, ‘The Flash’ and ‘Green Arrow’.

This ‘Rebirth’ version of ‘Green Arrow’ got off to an excellent start thanks to a mix of compelling storytelling and excellent artwork. There have been a couple of issues and storytelling choices which have taken the series off on random tangents but on the whole it is one of series to benefit most from the recent creative shakeup.

‘Green Arrow’ #8 is the first part in the ‘Island of Scars’ storyline which sees Ollie back on a deserted island only this time he has Black Canary for company.

The issue opens with a very bewildered Ollie acclimatising to his new surroundings. I had wondered for a time if Canary was in fact a mirage and not actually present on the island but there is too much interaction for that not to be the case. It could have made for an interesting storyline though.

Much like all the other DC Comics series currently in print there is a heavy focus on the characters in ‘Green Arrow’. Though the hook of the issue is their entrapment on the island the payoff comes from the character development born from it.

Both Ollie and Dinah are compelling characters and readers are still longing to see the pair fully reunited in their pre-New 52 relationship. This is the closest that we have come in eight issues to seeing the two in a relationship.

The book is at its best when showing the interplay between the two. Benjamin Percy writes their dialogue in a way which really sparks off the page.

The only aspect of this issue which feels a little contrived is also having Diggle on the same island. I know the characters were maouvered that way in the most recent issues it just feels one step too far.

With Otto Schmidt back in charge of artwork this issue of ‘Green Arrow’ looks amazing. There’s something really satisfying about reading a comic that isn’t conventional. This issue gives Schmidt the chance to draw some really unusual locales rather than the usual urban locations that we’re used to.

There’s also something about his character models which are just undeniably awesome. He is able to convey a lot of the emotion of the story though his facial expressions rather than simply relying on the action.


‘Green Arrow’ #8 is an interesting character portrait in the middle of a very action packed, complex storyline. For fans of the relationship between Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance this will make a truly compelling read.

4 stars



4 stars

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