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‘Wonder Woman’ #6 Review!



'Wonder Woman' #6 art by Nicola Scott
'Wonder Woman' #6 cover art by Nicola Scott & Romulo Fajardo Jr

‘Wonder Woman’ #6 cover art by Nicola Scott & Romulo Fajardo Jr

  • Written by Greg Rucka
  • Pencils & Inks by Nicola Scott
  • Coloured by Romulo Fajardo, Jr.
  • Cover by Romulo Fajardo, Jr. & Nicola Scott

“WONDER WOMAN YEAR ONE” part 3! Diana brings Steve back home, but the reception is not what either of them expected. Amid suspicion and a looming threat, the Patrons pay a visit, and new friendships are forged.

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If ‘The Lies’ story (latest issue reviewed here) in the odd numbered issues of ‘Wonder Woman’ is getting you down then look no further than ‘Year One’!

In this third part of the story we’re finally seeing Diana leave her home and reach the land of man for the first time. The ‘Year One’ stories from DC Comics have always taken the stories that we know and retell them in a much more measured and fleshed out way. The danger with that is having the story become the ultimate slow burner towards an entirely expected ending.

Thankfully that is by no means the case with ‘Wonder Woman’. Each issue has featured key moments in her history connected by moments which bring the story in to the modern era without forgetting its roots. Highlight moments have to be the invisible jet landing on the beach, a huge nod to the classic TV series, and moment when she was suddenly able to be understood.

There’s a levity and a humour to this story which sits in stark contract to the odd numbered issues. Moments like Diana explaining that she has spoken to the gods masquerading as animals are played perfectly. Likewise mans mistrust of her whilst also being in awe are written and drawn beautifully.

The series is still not without drama. The genuine misunderstanding the man has toward this god-like being brings a gravitas to the story which is both welcomed and required.

I still prefer by Nicola Scott to that of Liam Sharp. Although his dark and foreboding art on ‘The Lies’ suits that story it’s so dark and tightly framed it is almost awkward at times. Nicola Scott opens the world up to colour and to expression. Faces show more emotion and the environments are much more engaging.

This feels much more like a ‘Wonder Woman’ comic. After 75 years in the business its fair game that DC Comics are experimenting with the style of her stories to find the right balance for the modern era. What is also nice to see is that she hasn’t become a carbon copy of her film equivalent. Although her costume has been changed to be more in line with Gal Gadot’s on screen equivalent it’s not an exact match.


‘Wonder Woman’ #6 is continuing to tell an engaging and original story that honours what has come before it without become pastiche of cliche. A must read.

4 stars



4 stars


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