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‘Injustice 2’ unveils Harley Quinn & Deadshot!



Harley Quinn in 'Injustice 2'
Harley Quinn in 'Injustice 2'

Harley Quinn in ‘Injustice 2’

Rejoice, ‘Injustice’ fans! A new dawn rises.

Following on from the unprecedented success of NetherRealm Studios’ and Warner Brothers’ blockbuster platform fighter, a new hero emerges. ‘Injustice 2’ is set to be a bigger, better, more immersive and in-depth beat ‘em up than its predecessor.

Continuing on from the 2013 smash-hit ‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’; ‘Injustice 2’ offers new characters, new moves and new perils to face as NetherRealm and WB pit the best (and worst) of the DC universe against each other, with explosive results.

Features from the last game include buffs – game strategies specifically designed for the play style of each hero – destructible environments, dynamic stage transitions and epic character clashes.

Continuing the plot of ‘Injustice Gods Among Us’, alternate universe Batman and his Insurgents are fighting to restore balance and normality after Superman’s brutal regime. This time however, a new – as yet unspecified – threat emerges.

Regarding available players, gamers can expect favourites such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Supergirl to make a return, with the exciting addition of Atrocitus and Gorilla Grodd – nemesis of the Flash.

But there’s been an even bigger change. The folks at NetherRealm Studios recently released a cracker of an update in the form of two ‘Suicide Squad’ heroes (or villains?). The most recent trailer, Harley Quinn and Deadshot square off, and are confirmed as playable characters – with plenty of attitude and wardrobe changes. The diversity of outfits shown in the trailer alone hint at more opportunities for player customisation than the previous game.

In the video, Harley Quinn enters flanked by two baying bloodhounds, sporting colourful hair somewhat reminiscent of the Joker’s garish attire. There’s a recognisable sadism in the way she lays her damage out; from the senseless baseball bat beatings on such DC giants as Batman and Wonder Woman, to the casual toss of dynamite before ordering her hellhounds to feast on a member of the Red Lantern Corps and finishing with a brutal ground and pound.

Deadshot enters cool and collected; combining knife and gun as one before squaring up to Harley. We’re then treated to a taste of his killer level three combo, as he takes a knife to Batman’s upper body multiple times before catching the rifle he tossed in the air earlier and firing a round directly into the Dark Knight’s cowl.

Clearly the biggest news of the game so far; the addition of ‘Suicide Squad’ characters neatly fits in with the updates of the wildly popular iOS ‘Injustice Gods Among Us’ app, with many wondering what other playable characters will be introduced.

With the game releasing in the next year, there’s still plenty of time for the character roster to be boosted, and here’s hoping they include as many fan favourites as possible. ‘Injustice 2’ will be released in 2017 for PS4, Xbox 360, iOS and Android.

Checkout the ‘Harley and Deadshot’ trailer in the player below!

[source: nether realm studios]

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