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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice box office update



'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' image from March 2016 issue of Empire Magazine

‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ image from March 2016 issue of Empire Magazine

Despite the lacklustre reviews and the bad press that they have born ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ is off to an unprecedented start at the worldwide box office taking over $420M in it’s opening weekend!

Estimates put the US domestic gross at $170.1M for the weekend but today those estimates have been confirmed as slightly inflamed with the final total coming in at $166.1M.

The film grossed a combined $81.6 million from Thursday pre-shows and its first day of release on Friday, $50.7 million from Saturday ticket sales and finally $33.8 million on Easter Sunday. Warner Bros. remain confident of the films legs as this week is spring break for many schools in the US and there are currently no major blockbusters scheduled for release until Disney’s live action ‘The Jungle Book’ drops in mid-April.

The $166.1M makes ‘BvS’ the seventh biggest opening of all time (US domestic) whilst the second largest domestic opening for Warner Bros. of all time.

Add in the $254M at the international box office and ‘BvS’ marks the largest ever opening for a superhero film ever!

The film took approximately £15.5M ($9M) here in the UK which means the film now holds the record for the biggest March opening of all time for us. In China the film has grossed $57.3 million, the best ever debut for a Warner Bros. release in the country.

Worldwide ‘BvS’ opened on more than 40,000 screens in 66 markets, including 16,000 in China, 4,242 in the US, 1,701 in the UK and 1,696 in South Korea making it one of the widest world wide releases of all time.

You can read our review of ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ HERE and don’t forget to checkout our character discussion and round-up of the European premiere in the player below:

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