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Buffy Season 10 #24



'Buffy' #24 artwork by Megan Levens
'Buffy' #24 cover art by Steve Morris

‘Buffy’ #24 cover art by Steve Morris

  • Written by Christos N. Gage
  • Art by Megan Levens
  • Cover by Steve Morris

As new jobs, new relationships, and new priorities arise, the Scoobies personal feuds are becoming a big issue for the team. When the trail of the Restless Door leads to the Demon Lords hideout, the Mistress takes advantage of their discord and presents the team with a terrible decision that could tear them apart. Writer Christos Gage (Daredevil)heats up Season 10! Playing with deep, dark emotions, the creative team generate a thrilling sense of suspense, with the dramatic flow keeping this reader hooked to every page. Unleash the Fanboy! 

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Once again I feel very distressed to say that I’m thinking I won’t be picking up any form of season 11 that might follow this meandering season 10 series. I do this every year, as I keep telling you. I hope ‘Buffy’ will pick up the pace a little a re-kindle the magic of the series and then I feel disappointed but I stick with it through sheer fandom.

Season 10 started out with such a good mission statement, strong opening issues and stories really put this series above the previous seasons but now with the end in sight for season 10 #24 continues a run of bland stories, albeit with great artwork, that have really become the norm with this title.

‘In Pieces on the Ground’ is now in it’s fourth part and I am struggling to understand its purpose. We’ve spent some time analysing the Buffy/Spike relationship which continues to work only because neither of them is brave enough to speak the fact that its not working, Xander continues to spend his time with ghost non-Anya with no real exploration of who she is or why she is there and poor Giles continues to have his character eroded by being stuck in teenage form.

Where #24 opens Giles has a new teenage crush for whom he wants to change the laws of magic once more to allow them to spend more time together. Buffy is, of course, on her soap-box about this and won’t allow it. Within a short time we’re thrust in to yet another battle with the Mistress and Soul Glutton, will this be the final battle? Who knows? Do we even care.

There’s been a looming threat of increased attacked from demons crossing dimensions yet the series is choosing to focus on the internal politics of the modern era Scooby Gang.

Willow is sadly relegated to a bit part whilst her problems with Buffy also remain parked in the background, ignored.

There’s little in this issue to move the series forward aside from the continuing issue of portals and demon onslaughts but they’re so meaninglessly written that they’re almost non-existent throughout.

The plus side of ‘Buffy’ is still it’s awesome artwork. Levens continues a run of beautiful issues which really make the animated series feel jump right off the page. It’s keeping me with the series but only by a thread.

I feel incredibly sad to say I think it is time to park ‘Buffy’ and move on to pastures new.

2 stars

2 stars

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