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SUPERMAN (2023-) #4 Review

Neil reviews the latest issue of DC Comics’ new SUPERMAN series, available now in print and on digital where all good comic books are sold.



Superman #1 (DC Comics)

Superman (2023-) #4 is published by DC Comics and written by Joshua Williamson. Artwork is by Jamal Campbell and Nick Dragotta, colours are by Campbell and Frank Martin. Letters are by Ariana Maher. Main cover art (left) is by Jamal Campbell.

Superman (2023-) #4 is available now, in print and on digital, where all good comic books are sold.


Introducing the Kryptonite Klaw! Superman is vulnerable to Kryptonite, but what happens when other dangerous superhumans are exposed to it? If Superman wants to stop Metropolis’s newest enemies, he must uncover Lex Luthor’s secret past!


It might only be issue #4 but Superman is kicking off a brand new arc today. The new creative team of Williamson and Campbell really came out of the gate swinging with the Parasite storyline which mostly wrapped up last month. So the question on everyone’s mind is can they keep up the incredible momentum?

Of course the answer to that question is a resounding yes.

Issue #4 is brilliantly booked ended by a pair of scenes which setup a brand new problem for Clark, Lex and SuperCorp. If you’re reading carefully then there’s some clear signposting of the final panels in the opening scene. Bravo to Williamson for introducing this plot point without literally laying it all on the table. I appreciate when a writer allows me to draw my own conclusions as I’m reading only to confirm (or destroy) them at the end.

Dr. Pharm is making for a great villain whose storyline is really only just shifting in to the spotlight. This kind of storytelling is really lending itself to a great run for the Man of Steel. We’ve seen snippets of what Pharm is up to whilst Superman has been dealing with various other issues. Now those two characters paths are gearing up to cross and it’s going to be well earned when it arrives.

Another interesting choice by Williamson this issue is to bump the timeline along by a few weeks. It allows the book to maintain its strong sense of pacing by covering only the highlights of SuperCorp and the new partnership between Clark and Lex. Superman could easily have spent a number of issues exploring what’s seen in just a handful of panels. But it’s the right decision. To have focussed on building up SuperCorp more closely would have pumped the breaks on a series which doesn’t need it.

The bulk of issue #4 is made up exploring how the pair are working together in the here-and-now. With just a little time on a very interesting flashback to an unexplored corner of Lex Luthor’s story. The choice to portray such a legendary villain as a potential hero for the city could be controversial. As I was reading it I could feel social media complaining that not all villains need to be sympathetic. But when Clark questions the validity of Lex’s story it perfectly swept away any concern. How right Clark is to question whether Lex would tell his true origin and not paint himself the hero. Brilliant work by Williamson.

Jamal Campbell’s artwork continues to be outstanding. It’s consistent across all four issues and absolute dynamite stuff. The Kryptonite infected version of Silver Banshee looks formidable and there are some cool visuals from Nick Dragotta to go alongside Lex’s questionable flashback.


Another five star issue for Team Superman. The story is headed in an excellent direction, spearheaded by the incredible visuals of Campbell. The Man of Steel never looked better.


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