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Chris reviews Signature Entertainment’s OPERATION: WOLF HOUND, available now on digital and DVD in the UK.



Operation: Wolf Hound (Signature Entertainment)

Signature Entertainment presents Operation: Wolf Hound on Digital Platforms 4th July and DVD 25th July.


Based on true events. One of the most shocking moments in World War II history is brought to life in this action packed thriller. In 1944 German-occupied France, the Nazis developed a Trojan horse plot that aimed to incapacitate the allied forces in the skies and was the beginnings of an enemy action to level a major European city! The only resilience against this Nazi threat are those allied officers caught and captured in its web. With time running out and the plan laid out before them, it’s up to a rag-tag bunch of soldiers to put an end to this critical ambush tactic which could turn the tide of war. Operation: Wolf Hound stars James Maslow (Big Time Rush), Trevor Donovan (90210), John Turk (Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Prison Break) and is directed and co-written by Michael B. Chait (B-52: Three Generations).


Wolf Hound may surprise you if you go in expecting one of the usual low-budget, independent action films that we often get. On one hand, it’s just that, but on the other there is real craft and passion for the source material on show. 

US Captain David Holden (James Maslow) is trapped in German-occupied France in 1944, the crux of World War II. Nazi pilots have scavenged downed Allied fighters, fly them close to British and American fighters and then ambush them. Holden must rescue his captured crew from the heart of Nazi operations, where he learns of a plot that could turn the tide of the war and pave the way for German victory.

The story is rather exciting, as it’s hard to get much wrong about World War II when you dig deep into the history books. Inspired by true events, Wolf Hound takes some artistic licence because there is a strong amount of one-man-saving-the-day syndrome, but then who is saying that didn’t happen? But it’s packed full of nasty German types including John Turk’s Colonel Krieger and Michael Wayne Foster’s Captain Werner. The Nazi’s are overall useless as villains, but their presence is chilling throughout for our Americans and French allies to cut through.

In this respect, the production value is seen because away from the slightly off-kilter script and overly hammy acting, the set design, attention to props and costumes and overall look of the film is right up there. Very few shortcuts are taken, and kudos to director Micharl B. Chait and his team for giving it their all. 

The film soars (no pun intended) when the action takes to the skies, especially in the opening sequence and in a thrilling skydive. It’s these moments that help set it over some lesser thrilling WW2 DTV films. Especially when there is little to no CGI effects on show, and real vintage aircraft are flown including the mighty B-17 “Sally B” Flying Fortress bomber, classic Mustang and Spitfires and the mighty German Messerschmitt 109. The sound of these historic craft rattle off the screen and help add to the overall thrill of action in the skies.

On the ground, it’s a little more drawn out to get where we need to go but somehow, it’s still loud and entertaining with plenty of bangs for your buck, dangerous shootouts, ambushes, stealth kills and thrilling reconnaissance missions.


Wolf Hound is not a game changer, but it’s entertaining and tries its best to offer more than just the usual cheap way out of making historical war films, and it’s certainly not the worst WW2 film out there!


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