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New BATGIRL Set Photos Tease Some Unexpected Additions To The DCU

The first photos from the shoot for Warner Bros. and HBO Max’s BATGIRL tease some exciting developments in the DCU on film.



Batgirl (Warner Bros. Pictures)

Yesterday, film got underway on HBO Max’s Batgirl here in the UK. The film is currently shooting up in Glasgow, Scotland which also played home to both The Batman and The Flash. With the city becoming a defacto Gotham it was only a matter of time until the next Bat-project landed in the city.

Late yesterday set photos from Glasgow began showing up online and have turned up some interesting clues to the film’s place in the DCU on film. First up lets take a look at star Leslie Grace arriving on set sporting some GCPD merch:

Next, a mural was seen being added to one of the Gotham street sets. At first glance its clear that Batman’s presence is felt strongly in this version of Gotham but look who is stood right next to him…

Holy Easter Eggs Batman! Yes that’s a shot of the Dynamic Duo adorning the streets of Gotham confirming the inclusion of Robin in this post-Flash universe. Whilst the costumes themselves may not offer too much of an insight in to the outfit Michael Keaton might be sporting in the film, the inclusion of Robin is an interesting insight in to what might come next. Given the close relationship between Barbara Gordon (Grace) and Dick Grayson, could an appearance be on the cards?

We also know that HBO Max is working on a Black Canary project which is set to star the retuning Jurnee Smollett in the role. References to the legendary hero, last seen in Birds of Prey, have started appearing on set, including a blurry look at a poster sporting Smollett’s face.

If all these Easter eggs are to be believed, the future is bright for the DC Universe on film. We’ll keep you posted as filming continues. Don’t be surprised if our first look at Leslie Grace suited up arrives very soon!

Batgirl is written by Christina Hodson (Birds of Prey, The Flash) and produced by Kristin Burr. The film is rumoured to release later this year.

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