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Snow: The Dawn Creative Team Drop Kickstarter For New Feudal Japanese Series THE RED WAVE

The creative team behind Snow: The Dawn have launched a Kickstarter campaign for a brand new series, THE RED WAVE.



The Red Wave

The creative team behind the successful Snow: The Dawn comic series, writer Nick Goode and artist Harry Hughes, have announced a new Kickstarter for a brand new series, The Red Wave.

The Red Wave is a 4-part series, intended for mature readers who have an interest in fantasy, mythology and feudal Japan. They have been developing this project for a number of years, combining elements of Japanese history, fantasy and popular storytelling to create a tale that is rich with subtle historical detail, but at the same time welcomes the certainty of magic into an authentic setting. Readers will embark upon an engaging, gritty adventure of long lost blades and bonds between brothers, with a familiar pulpy tone.

The Red Wave; a mighty ronin clan, exist for one reason — to find and protect Masamune and Muramasa’s final swords, blades charged with powerful mystic energy. Following the death of their emperor, brothers in arms Hikaru and Mizuki (our story’s central characters) have left behind a life of swords. In time they find their fates are intertwined with the lost blades when The Red Wave; unrelenting in their search, locate the Muramasa blade in the small farming village where Hikaru and Mizuki reside, thrusting the two brothers back into the world of bloody swords and broken oaths.

The Red Wave is an epic character driven tale featuring six primary characters. Hikaru, Mizuki, Daichi, Ai, Katsurō and Noriko. Each of them on a quest to find their place in a winding tale of good and evil.

For more information and details on pledge rewards head over to their Kickstarter page and keep your eyes peeled for a new podcast interview with Nick and Harry coming soon!

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