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Future State: Dark Detective #3 presents a meeting of the Batmen and I’m absolutely here for more! Grab your copy in stores now.



Future State: Dark Detective #2 (DC Comics)

Published by DC Comics, Future State: Dark Detective #3 is available to purchase in print and on digital now. The issue features a main story written by Mariko Tamaki with artwork by Dan Mora and colours by Jordie Bellaire. The backup story is written by Matthew Rosenberg and illustrated by Camine Di Giandomenico with colours by Antonio Fabela.

Cover art is by Dan Mora.


In this issue, Bruce Wayne meets the next Batman! As the dark detective makes his move to put an end to the villainous Magistrate once and for all, the man who once wore the cowl encounters the next Batman-and these two have some questions for each other! Fists will fly as this explosive meeting erupts in the skies over Gotham…but with the clock ticking, can Bruce finish what he started and unlock the secrets of the fascist surveillance that plagues his city?  
And in “Grifters” part two, the lucky streak that Cole Cash and Luke Fox have enjoyed just hit a brick wall in the form of the Huntress! The over-the-top adventure in the gutters of Gotham City concludes in the most bone-crushing fashion possible!


Inevitably either the Dark Detective or The Next Batman series within DC Comics Future State had to bring the two Batmen face-to-face. It makes sense that their first meeting would happen in Bruce’s territory. It feels rewarding but also in earnest that his character would be the one to come face-to-face rather than for Bruce to simply show up to interrupt the new Batman in action.

Mariko Tamaki weaves in the new Batman perfectly to her story. Rather than pausing the current narrative or sidelining it entirely, the new Batman is an integral part to his week’s story. Naturally Bruce has an air of mistrust around him, it’s in his nature not to trust anyone taking up a Bat-symbol of their own accord. What I found particularly interesting is the reaction of Gotham’s newest Bat. His reaction is almost identically pitched to Bruce’s. He too is wondering who this other Batman is. Neither see’s themselves as the imposter or the lesser Batman.

It’s an important lesson for Bruce to learn at this stage. Whilst he remains low to the ground with his hands on approach there are still others working to protect Gotham as a whole.

There’s a little less action in this issue as Tamaki focusses on Bruce’s investigation. Despite slowing the pace slightly there’s still a lot of elements in play with issue #3. Bruce’s roommate Noah seems even more paranoid than usual and that leads Bruce to make a rather startling discovery.

Dark Detective definitely takes on a 1984 vibe moving forwards. Not only is The Magistrate a looming villain in the background. It seems they actually monitoring a number of targets across the city, if not the entire citizenship of Gotham. It ramps up the stakes brilliantly heading in to the final issue of the series. Where other titles in Future State have been limited to two issues, the idea of stretching out Dark Detective over four has really allowed for some more measured storytelling. It pays off excellently as the pieces begin to fall together this week.

The issue culminates in an excellent final panel that shows Dan Mora’s art and Jordie Bellaire’s colours at their best. It’s an unexpected moment which catches both the reader and Bruce off guard. It perfectly represents where we are in the story. I’m ready for the finale and it cannot come soon enough!


Future State: Dark Detective #3 presents a meeting of the Batmen and I’m absolutely here for more!

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