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BUDDY GAMES (2020) Review

Dave reviews Paramount Pictures new comedy BUDDY GAMES written, directed and co-starring Josh Duhamel. Grab your copy on PVOD from Nov 30!



Buddy Games (Paramount Pictures)


Josh Duhamel (Transformers) stars in this wild and hilarious, no-holds-barred comedy.  After six lifelong friends have a five year falling out, Bob (Duhamel), aka “The Bobfather”, reunites his pals for the Buddy Games, an insane competition of absurd physical and mental challenges with the chance to win a $150,000 pot. Now all bets are off, as the determined dudes fight, claw, and party for the big bucks in this star-studded bro-fest featuring Dax Shepard (CHiPs), Olivia Munn (Office Christmas Party) and Kevin Dillon (Entourage).


With the depressing situation the world is in at the moment what is needed to lift the spirits is a film you can kick back, get some pizza, crack open a beer and switch off and just enjoy. Buddy Games is definitely that film with a strong bromantical story throughout the film mixed with laugh out loud moments with some slightly more gross than others, Buddy Games was just the tonic I needed to have a laugh and forget the issues of the world for just a moment.

If you’ve ever seen the Grown Ups films then this will feel familiar, a comedy with a dash of Jackass thrown in for good measure.

With Josh Duhamel at the helm as “The Bobfather” pulling “the guys” together for one last hurrah, to get it all of their systems for just one last time, a conversation with Shelly’s mother convinces Bob to get the legendary Buddy Games back on but this time the stakes are at their highest for this time there is a $150,000 prize pot to fight for and fight they do. As the games begin so does the hilarity as the guys are all desperate to win the prize pot, to give you some slight details about the games themselves: it is a succession of daring challenges, some more daring than others, with absolutely hilarious consequences. Without giving away any spoilers the bar scene is especially hilarious.

I think the casting of the actors was perfect as there is so much on-screen chemistry between the guys it really feels like they’ve been friends for so long. With WWE studios involved it was inevitable that a superstar would turn up somewhere and sure enough WWE Superstar Shemus pops up as the shady pawn broker.

The whole film is a laugh-a-minute, fun-filled ride with some scenes making me actually laugh out loud. There are also some feel good moments, the on going battle of Bender (Nick Swardson) and Shelly (Dan Bakkedahl) being one of the high points of the film for me.

Although Buddy Games does have a very funny side to it I personally felt that it also has a deep rooted message of never forgetting the importance of good friends and how important friendship is to your life and your mental well being.

Buddy Games is definitely a film we need right now, a good bit of comic relief in these uncertain times.


8/10 a good “pizza and beer” film one with very little thought needed, something you can just sit back and switch off and enjoy – just maybe don’t drink cocktails when you watch!

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