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LORD OF THE RINGS figures coming in 2021

Diamond Select are journeying to Middle Earth with their brand new Lord of the Rings toy line.



Lord of the Rings

Diamond Select are back with their next wave of Lord of the Rings figures. They launched their line with Legolas and Gimli, and now the next two figures are waiting to be grabbed by fans and collectors alike.

On his quest to destroy the ring, Frodo is tracked by a relentless and deadly member of the Nazgul- Ringwraiths who were once proud men who fell under the dominion of the One ring. That’s right, the next two figures to join the line are Frodo and a Ringwraith.

While Frodo stands at just 4 inches, the Nazgul towers the brave Hobbit at 7 inches. Now, this line is made up of 6 figures. Each figure comes with a section that, when combined, forms the Dark Lord Sauron. As you’d expect, Sauron will stand out magnificently against this full set as he stands at 13 inches tall. Much like the Rings of Power, you’ll need to collect all 6 and in the darkness bind them to create Sauron.

Frodo and the Nazgul are not due out until Spring 2021. After that you’ll only have two left to find. Aragorn and a Moria Orc will be available later in 2021 and will come with the final two parts to complete the Dark Lord himself.

What do you think of Diamond Select’s latest figures? Will you be adding them to your Lord of the Rings collection? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. You can also check out more collectibles here.

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