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WandaVision (Disney+)

WANDAVISION trailer breaks viewing records

Disney confirms that its WANDAVISION trailer has broken some hefty viewing records in its first 24hrs.

Despite not having any new releases since 2019, it looks like Marvel is managing to keep themselves embedded into audiences minds. On Monday 21 September (British Standard Time) the Primetime Emmys were airing, albeit at a low rating viewership of 6.1 million. However, it looks like despite this all time low, something still managed to capture our attention; the very first trailer for Marvel’s original series to be released on Disney+WandaVision.

According to Deadline, within the first 24 hours following the broadcast the trailer was viewed 53 million times, with over 36 million of these views coming from uploads across YouTube, over 4 million views on Facebook, over 10 million views on Instagram and more. Apparently this may be the highest 24-hour draw online for any streaming service advert.

Immediately after its debut, the trailer began to trend on Twitter rising to the fourth highest trend, up to the second highest trend on YouTube and second highest trend on Tumblr. WandaVision supposedly managed to rise above the social media trailer traffic of 2020, including Marvel’s own film Black Widow, Disney’s Mulan and new James Bond film No Time to Die

Word of mouth spread about this trailer, and despite so many people finding it confusing, unique and strange, it has managed to allow television audiences and Marvel fans to feel like the studios are finally moving forward. This could maybe be due to the fact that COVID-19 has meant no new trailers or releases due to delayed productions and so we are all taking whatever we can get as long as it shows that films and television could be going back to normal.

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