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Get your paws on these THUNDERCATS figures

ThunderCats wave 4 includes a first-ever action figure for one particular character

Super7 have produced multiple waves bringing the classic characters to life in all of their glory. Wave 4 of the ThunderCats Ultimates line had a particular challenge to overcome. While the main characters have been done and dusted in the previous Waves, how could they keep fans and collectors invested?

Wave 4 brings Lynx-O, Monkian, Pumm-Ra, and Snowman of Hook Mountain. Pumm-Ra is a figure that is definitely worth celebrating. While Pumm-Ra only appears for a short amount of time in the series, this character has never been made into an action figure before. If you have the Ultimates version of Mumm-Ra, then Pumm-Ra is an absolute must since they are technically the same character. They would look brilliant displayed together.

Check out all of Wave 4 right here!

Snowman of Hook Mountain

Pretty cool, right? Which characters would you like to see in the next Thundercats Wave? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Be sure to check out more action figure goodness right here!

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