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Welcome to the DC FANDOME: what are we hoping to see at DC’s event?

Our teams takes a look at what fans can expect from DC COMICS epic DC FANDOME event which is taking place on August 22.



DC FanDome

As I’m writing this we’re a little over two weeks to go until the DC Comics event of the year, FanDome. The 24hr experience, which runs from 10am PST (6pm BST) on Saturday 22nd August, is set to be the virtual event of the season with the publisher promising exclusive reveals and huge guests.

But what are we hoping to see when we enter the virtual convention centre on August 22?

Let’s start with what we actually know:

Back in June DC began taking questions from fans on a number of topics which will be covered on the day. Though the website is no longer accepting questions we did learn just what DC is planning to cover.

Topics on the list include: Justice League, Wonder Woman 1984, The Batman, Aquaman, Shazam, The Suicide Squad, Black Adam and surprisingly, The Flash. On the TV side, panels include Black Lightning, Legends of Tomorrow, Doom Patrol, Harley Quinn, Pennyworth, Stargirl, Supergirl, Superman & Lois, Teen Titans Go!, The Flash, Titans and Young Justice.

Fans were also able to submit questions for a number of named individuals who are taking part in panels in the day. Names on the website included Walter Hamada (DC Films President), Sam Register (Warner Bros. Animation president), DC publisher Jim Lee, Zack Snyder, Geoff Johns, Milestone co-founder Denys Cowan and DCTV producer Greg Berlanti.

That’s a lot of ground to cover in a 24hr period. DC recently revealed in an online FAQ that the Hall of Justice, the central location in the FanDome convention centre, will have an 8hr programming block which will run three times throughout the day.

The full schedule is due to be published during the week commencing August 10 so we don’t have too long to wait. But let’s move on to what our biggest hopes are for the show…

Zack Snyder’s Justice League

‘Justice League Part 1’ concept art

Plenty of fans will be turning hoping for a better look at Snyder’s cut of Justice League. The director confirmed during Justice Con that there would be a number of big JL reveals during the show including a teaser trailer and a title confirmation.

When it comes to a trailer we hope to get our first look at Darkseid as well as getting a better flavour for just how different Snyder’s cut will be to the theatrical version.

The big question looming over any panel for Justice League is whether the cast will be in attendance. That will hopefully be confirmed when the full schedule is released but with Aquaman, The Flash and Wonder Woman panels confirmed we hope to see the JL reform, even if it is for one night only!

The Batman footage

As well as potentially seeing the cast of The Batman appear on their first panel we hope that director Matt Reeves has a surprise or two up his sleeve. Before the Coronavirus pandemic shut down production, cameras had been rolling here in London for a number of weeks so Warner Bros. could conceivably have a teaser trailer or completed scene to show off.

Alongside (or in place of) footage we’d love to get a full look at the Batsuit and maybe a first look at Zoe Kravtiz in her full Catwoman costume.

With HBO Max recently having announced that Matt Reeves is developing a police procedural around his universe’s GCPD and rumours circulating of a Kravitz led Catwoman series, we’re hoping that DC has a lot to say about the universe it is crafting around it’s Batman characters.

The Flash casting confirmations

The Flash director, Andy Muschietti, recently talked more about how the Scarlet Speedsters first, solo, big screen outing will see him travel back in time to save his mother.

With the Flashpoint storyline at the centre of everything it would be a huge coup for DC to announce some of the rumoured casting for the film. Could Michael Keaton be a surprise attendee, cementing his return as the Caped Crusader? Despite rumours will Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa drop in to confirm the Amazon/Atlantan war?

With The Flash suffering a number of set backs in finding the right script and the right director, FanDome is DC’s chance to get the film on track and hype fans for its June 3, 2022 release date.

The future of DC Universe?

One question mark which has been hanging over the company of late is the future of DC Universe. The streaming service, which launched back in September 2018, has been long expected to fail but continues to surprise even it’s most vocal critics.

But with Doom Patrol now co-airing on HBO Max and Stargirl moving to become an exclusive CW show for season 2 could now be the time to look at the longevity of such a niche streaming platform.

At present the service is still only available in the US with no plans for international roll out due to Warner Bros. complicated licensing agreements for film and TV properties.

But the multi-media aspects of DC Universe aren’t its only draw. The service now boasts over 23,000 comics across the entire of DC’s history. With the global focus of FanDome could the company be about to announce that it’s original series, which also include Titans and Harley Quinn, are about to find homes elsewhere?

We wouldn’t be surprised if DC Universe becomes the global home of DC’s digital comics, providing subscribers with a ticket to the entire DC library.

Comics Reboot

The Rebirth era has been a hugely successful one for DC. The mission statement was about bringing the legacy back in to comics. That in itself was a reaction to The New 52 which appeared to overwrite some of the biggest events in DC history.

Doubling down on that legacy, DC introduced the Dark Multiverse and retold a number of classic tales with new, darker twists and turns as they were brought back in to continuity in new and exciting ways.

With Dark Knights Death Metal currently in publication it seems like the comics are heading towards their next reinvention. Though Death Metal isn’t itself a “Crisis” event, there are elements of the previous crises in play and it certainly feels like writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo are preparing us for some kind of ending.

What comes next? Well FanDome would be the perfect place to announce it!

Harley Quinn season 3 confirmation

Almost certainly a guarantee for FanDome will be the announcement that the Harley Quinn animated series will return for a third season.

The series has run for two hugely successful seasons on DC Universe and recently migrated over to HBO Max with all episodes now available. Here in the UK the first season recently completed airing on E4 with news on the second season still to be confirmed.

With the huge impact the series has had on fans, DC and Warner Bros. would be as crazy as The Joker not to bring the series back for a third season.

Given that a panel has been confirmed for FanDome we think it’s safe to say the gang will be coming back in 2021 with new episodes!

What are you hoping to see most at DC FanDome? Let us know in the comments below!

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