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ARKHAM developers making a SUICIDE SQUAD game



A recent leak has revealed that Rocksteady, the company behind the brilliant Arkham series, is working on a game centered around DC’s group of misfits- the Suicide Squad.

The leak listed a domain name that seems to confirm big things coming for both Rocksteady and Warner Bros. is the domain name that is currently making the rounds online. It could be the game’s actual title or it could simply allude to what this mystery game is about. It seems to suggest that the Suicide Squad will go up against the Justice League… and win?

The other domain names that have been leaked are and

The Suicide Squad domain could refer to the same game that is being teased. When games are being prepared, domain names are often selected ready for the announcement. It could be that they haven’t yet decided which domain to go for as I highly doubt that two Suicide Squad games are in production. Of course, there haven’t been any official announcements yet so take this all with a grain of salt.

The Gotham Knight domain is very interesting though. For a while now, Warner Bros. Games have been somewhat teasing something.

In January 2020, they tweeted this.

The logo, once again, teases the Court of Owls. Back in September 2019 during the celebration of Batman’s 80th anniversary, Warner also shared this cryptic video.

Hidden within the video are numerous logos which allude to the Owls. Almost 10 months later and we’ve had very little about this mysterious project.

However, with these leaks, it could be that we are due some very exciting announcements. Although, there is the chance that this is just a wild goose chase. A pursuit for something that doesn’t exist. For now, don’t give up home.

What do you make of these leaks? Will we be getting multiple DC games? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. You can read more about the world of gaming, here.

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