Star Trek (CBS)

CBS has not one, but TWO new STAR TREK series in development

The cast and crew of Star Trek: Picard are currently on a worldwide press tour ahead of the series’ launch later this week. Whilst speaking with the press in North America, executive producer Alex Kurtzman and partner Heather Kadin have been discussing the future of the franchise on TV. has an interesting write up on what the two had to say about the upcoming second season of Picard. But it was in discussing development on the Section 31 series that Kurtzman dropped some very interesting news.

“[‘Section 31’ is] in active development.” said Kadin. “So that’s obviously a huge priority; Michelle [Yeoh’s] character [Georgiou] is so unique, and you’ve never seen that before. Again, it has to fall under the guise of, ‘is this [show] a unique space we haven’t explored yet?

And then also, the animated shows [‘Lower Decks’ and the untitled Nickelodeon project] are also really going to provide that too. For someone like me, who gets to work on these shows — and then two nights a week, go watch a cut of ‘Lower Decks’ — it’s a blast.

So I hope we continue to find those new avenues.

“There are two more live action shows that haven’t been announced yet.” said Kurtzman.

Two more shows!? What could these be? Could one of them be a vehicle for Anson Mount’s hugely well received Captain Pike alongside Rebecca Romjin as Number One and Ethan Peck’s Spock?

Kurtzman hasn’t commented further on the two shows but keep it locked to GYCO for more on this story as it develops.

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