Matt Reeves’ THE BATMAN To Introduce Rogues Gallery

Batman (DC Comics)

Not much is really known about Matt Reeves’ The Batman yet. We know that Robert Pattinson will be donning the cowl. We know that it could be set during the 1990s focusing on a much younger and potentially less refined version of Bruce Wayne and Batman. And we know that Catwoman could appear.

One of the most interesting and exciting reports suggests that The Batman will be full of infamous villains.

According to the report, we will see the Dark Knight track down some of his most well-known and dangerous Rogues in order to solve a “whodunnit” case. Each Rogue will then lead Batman to another, and so on and so forth.

As of now, the villains that have reportedly been confirmed are:

The Penguin

Ah, Oswald Cobblepot. Much like The Riddler, Penguin is more about brains. With Penguin being more of a crime boss, like Marvel’s Kingpin for example, who oversees criminal activity, it’s not that hard to guess what role Penguin will play.

The Penguin

The Riddler

Apparently, The Riddler will be the primary villain of Reeves’ film. With the movie focusing more on Batman’s detective skills, this actually makes a lot of sense. Edward Nygma isn’t usually one to get involved in a fight so having him will give us the opportunity to see just how smart the Dark Knight is.

Mad Hatter

An unexpected addition honestly. I personally don’t know much about the Mad Hatter apart from what I learnt in the Arkham game series. Jervis Tetch is obsessed with Alice in Wonderland and any crime he commits is usually related to the novels narrative. If he is involved prepare yourself for the creepiest tea party in cinema.


Selina Kyle may not be our typical Rogue. While she is a criminal, more often than not, she’s usually more of an anti-hero. Batman and Selina have a history together so it will be interesting to see how that plays out.



A former special effects expert who quickly becomes obsessed with fires… and starting them. While he isn’t a major villain, I could definitely see Firefly being the opening act where we see this new iteration of Batman for the first time.


A film can only cover so much ground so this rumor is actually very interesting. What this means is that we will already have Two-Face. Forget Harvey Dent’s career as the Former District Attorney, it looks as though Reeves is setting him up to an already established criminal.

It is still early days for The Batman so some of this could indeed change. However, with the prospects of a trilogy in mind it is indeed likely that more villains could appear.

Which villains would you like to see in Matt Reeves’ trilogy? I would love to see Deathstroke on the big screen again. I would also like to see The Batman take a unique route and introduce Man-Bat or Clayface.

The Batman is due out on June 25, 2021

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