DC Comics Reshuffles Brand

DC Comics

DC announced today that at the beginning of 2020 all of its publishing content will be organised under 3 new labels targeted towards different age groups.

  • DC Kids– will focus on readers ages 8-12 and offer content created specifically for the middle-grade reader
  • DC– focusing on ages 13+, will primarily be the current DC universe of characters
  • DC Black Label- will focus on content appropriate for readers 17 and older

This new structure will essentially allow DC to better organise their content surrounding particular characters and stories while taking into consideration the sensibilities and needs of the various DC readers.

What this also means is that Vertigo publishing will be terminated. Originally, Vertigo was designed to act as a hub for stories that were aimed more at adult readers and it soon became the home for such comics like The Sandman, Preacher, Lucifer, and Y: The Last Man. Title similar to these will end up in the DC Black Label.

DC publisher Dan DiDio, in an official statement, said:

“We’re returning to a singular presentation of the DC brand that was present throughout most of our history until 1993 when we launched Vertigo to provide an outlet for edgier material,”

“That kind of material is now mainstream across all genres, so we thought it was the right time to bring greater clarity to the DC brand and reinforce our commitment to storytelling for all of our fans in every age group. This new system will replace the age ratings we currently use on our material.”

DC’s Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee also clarified that this adjustment will help bring a greater consistency and focus to the various characters as well as an opportunity to expand with new working talent.

This new era for DC comics will take place in January 2020, so any titles that are currently being published under the current labels DC Zoom and DC Ink will be reassigned to the new labels depending on the content and the actual target audience.

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