Matthew Vaughn

Matthew Vaughn talks scrapped X-MEN: FIRST CLASS trilogy

Back in 2011 Kingsman director Matthew Vaughn brought us what remans to be one of the most refreshing X-Men movies in the franchise. X-Men: First Class refreshed the franchise and introduced the characters to a whole new generation of cinema goers.

At the time news of sequels was rife in the press with Vaughn said to be working on a trilogy of his own. Events unfortunately meant that Vaughn didn’t continue with the series and Bryan Singer returned to the franchise to direct 2014’s Days of Future Past and 2016’s Apocalypse.

But in a new interview with Coming Soon Vaughn has discussed the trilogy with might have been.

“My plan was First Class, then, the second film was new young Wolverine in the ’70s to continue those characters, my version of the X-Men,” Vaughn said. “My finale was gonna be Days of Future Past. That was gonna be my number three where you bring them all… because what’s bigger than bringing in McKellen and Michael and Stewart and James and bringing them all together?”

Ultimately the studio decided to jump past that potential sequel and run headfirst in to the mash-up between the original and new casts in the franchise. But how did Vaughn feel about the decision?

“If you flip that ’round even it would have been better,” Vaughn said. “Hollywood doesn’t understand pacing. Their executives are driving 100 miles-per-hour looking in the rear-view mirror and not understanding why they crash.”

His comments make sense though it’s hard to argue with the success of Days of Future Past. The question remains: could his version have ultimately been even more successful?

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