BATWOMAN character breakdowns tease iconic DC characters

Batwoman (Ruby Rose)

With DCTV crossover Elseworlds set to debut on Sunday the world will finally be introduced to Ruby Rose as Batwoman.

The CW and Warner Bros. TV have been clear in their intentions to spin the character off in to her own series. After an initial casting backlash (when isn’t there a backlash?) the character has been well received from images and trailers for the crossover. Now we’re hearing that a Batwoman pilot is set to go in to production in April 2019.

Now That Hashtag Show is reporting several character breakdowns for the pilot. Take this with a pinch of salt for now but it does seem the report is pointing towards some major players from the Gotham universe appearing on the show.

First off, we have “Joseph”, a Caucasian male in his late 40s to mid-50s. “Joseph” is described as a former high ranking military Colonel, who instead of grieving the terrible loss of his wife and one of his daughters, formed his own army in order to make sure no one else has to ever go through the tragedy he had to experience. “Joseph” also leads a private security and logistics firm in Gotham City, called “The Crows.” He is both extremely tough, political as well as emotionless, but has one weakness in his life that makes him soften up…and that is his other daughter who he constantly tries to push away. 

Based on the description, “Joseph” is most likely none other than Kate’s father Jake Kane. Her father has always played a big role in the recent comics. When we broke the breakdown for Kate Kane back in the summer, we got teases of her complicated relationship with her father. But Jake may not be the only family member we will see on the show. 

Next up is “Alexa” who the casting department describes as a 27-year old Caucasian who is Batwoman’s greatest enemy, basically her own personal Joker. “Alexa” is a woman who has experienced a tremendous amount of trauma in her more sensitive years. That has in turn caused “Alexa” to divorce herself from reality by living in a fantastical world where she is the star. Attached to Victorian attire, “Alexa” is a charming lunatic who manages to go from being psychotic to caring easily, which is why her unreliable behavior is a dangerous weapon in itself. 

“Alexa” sounds exactly like the villainous Alice a.k.a. Kate’s twin sister Elizabeth who Kate and Jake believed to be dead for all these years. But as you know, dead in comics doesn’t always stay dead. So, should this indeed be Alice, our dear Kate will definitely have quite the challenge in her first season. 

Next, we have “Sloane”, who is a Latina in her late 20s/early 30s. Brought up in a tight-knit family, “Sloane” is both feisty, charming and has incredible fighting abilities, with soldier experiences, as she is one of the best agents for the Crows and always goes by the book. But “Sloane” is hiding a deep secret from her husband which is that once upon a time, she was in love with Kate Kane.

For any hardcore Batwoman fans out there, it should come as no surprise that “Sloane” sounds very much like Renee Montoya. In the comics, she is one of the prime Gotham PD characters who later on ended up as the second person to carry the Question mantle and also had a romantic relationship with Batwoman. Given that Maggie Sawyers, Kate’s other love interest in later stories, has already come and left the Arrowverse, it would make more sense for the series to play with the Renee/Kate romance. If this is Renee, will we see her as the Question? Only time will tell.

Then there is “Landon”, an African-American male in his early 20s who is devoted to Batman. “Landon” comes from an imperative legacy that has serviced the Caped Crusader with engineered gadgets. With Wayne Enterprises now abandoned, “Landon” is the one keeping it secure.

While he is brilliant with tech, his social skills aren’t exactly the strongest as he goes out of his way to not make friends, after being betrayed by Gotham’s bureaucracy. With the Dark Knight missing, “Landon” soon begins to understand Gotham City’s demand for a new hero.

Everything in this description points to “Landon” as the son of Lucius Fox, Luke. He was introduced as part of the New 52 and became the second person to carry the Batwing mantle. Given that most of the Berlanti-DC shows always have a tech-based character (Felicity Smoak, Winn Schott, Zari Tomaz, Brainiac 5, Peter Gambi), it seems fitting to have one for Kate Kane. If this is Luke, there is no telling whether or not we’ll see him become Batwing on the show.

Up next, meet “Meredith”, a woman in her early 20s, a role that is open for any ethnicity, with preference to Asian or Latin actresses. She is described as carrying a lovely and heavy demeanor, which makes it easy to view her as an airheaded amateur. Although she is considered talky, she is deeply compassionate toward those the city has forgotten, with her compassion only surpassed by her own intelligence. Like Kate Kane, “Meredith” will have a secret life of her own in Gotham City.

It would appear that “Meredith” is potentially none other than Kate’s cousin Bette Kane, who is better known as the superhero Flamebird in the DC lore. Given their team-ups in the comics, it makes sense for Flamebird to be part of the series in one way or another.

Last, but not least we have “Charlotte”, a woman in her late 40s to mid-50s who is the mother of “Meredith”, hence the same casting preferences is part of this role. “Charlotte”, a knowledgeable, fashionable, and motivated woman, comes from wealth built from an empire of dealing arms, but she uses this money with the intent on making Gotham a more secure and safe place due to the aid of her husband’s paramilitary business. Despite the fact that it is damaging “Charlotte’s” relationship with her daughter, she continues to pull the strings of Gotham City’s elite.
Should “Meredith” be Bette Kane, then “Charlotte” is Flamebird’s mom, although her real name in the comics hasn’t popped up. So it would appear that this would be Batwoman’s first original character who will somehow play a large role. With David Rapaport (Arrowverse, Titans, Riverdale, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) as the casting director for this super-show, we know he will be bringing some amazing talent to these beloved characters!

Check out a trailer for Batwoman’s DCTV debut in the player below.

Elseworldswill air for three nights and will begin with The Flash on Sunday, December 9 at 8/7c, continue with Arrow on Monday, December 10 at 8/7c and end with Supergirl on Tuesday, December 11 at 8/7c.

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