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Taking a deeper look at the DC Films ident



DC Films

Say what you will about the bulk of the DC Films slate that has been released so far. One thing that fans will all agree on is that seeing the DC Films ident for the first time attached to Wonder Woman was a rousing moment of pride and excitement.

From the echoes of Justice League‘s animated  series to the full cast shot it’s quite a visual feat and one which stands apart from the various Marvel Studios logos that we’ve seen in the last decade.

We thought we’d take a deeper look at moments from the ident just to see what tidbits we could pick out. But first let’s remind ourselves of the video itself:

The League

Of course we need to start out with the individual league members in their solo moments. Batman gives way to Superman, to Wonder Woman on to Aquaman, Flash, Cyborg and ending on Green Lantern. Each features an iconic aspect of its character.

It’s interesting to note the characters costumes echo the comics more than the films themselves. These are not opening credits for a Justice League movie. This is DC Films way of telling the audience they are (doing their best) to bring the comics to life.

The inclusion of Green Lantern definitely points to the studios wish to move towards featuring the full league on film in the future.

Batman and Batarang

Superman showing off his cape

Wonder Woman with lasso and shield

Aquaman with trident and visual representation of his telepathy

Cyborg with bionic eye

The Flash with chest thunderbolt

Green Lantern displaying the titular lantern

The Cast of DC Films

Following on from the league we get the money shot of the DC Comics cast. Starting close in on the Trinity and the Justice League the camera pulls back to show a much much wider picture of the universe including a whole host of exciting characters that we would LOVE to see on film.

DC Films

In this first pictures we can see the Justice League front and centre. Their costumes are a little more mixed between film and comics here. Wonder Woman wears a more Gal Gadot like costume whilst Batman’s chest plate has been made yellow to help the logo stand out on screen.

Aquaman has a more comics accurate costume but his hair and beard are more Jason Momoa like than his current comics incarnation.

But who else can you see?

If we look closer to the right of the frame we can see Nightwing hiding behind John Stewart’s Green Lantern. Behind him is Martian Manhunter who many hoped would be included as a founding member of the Justice League.

Over to the left of the frame next to Cyborg is Catwoman is a wholly comics accurate costume. Behind her is Shazam and Black Adam. In the far background we get a first look at Supergirl and then on the far left is Green Arrow.

We know that Chris McKay is currently developing a movie based on Nightwing but when could these other character make an appearance in the DC Films universe.

A few other characters from TV’s Arrowverse make appearances in the group shot. Both Hawkman and Hawkgirl appear on either side of the group. Reverse Flash can be seen on the far left just coming in to shot as the camera pulls out.

As the camera pulls out further we get a first look at Batgirl, her film is currently in development by Joss Whedon, behind her is Bumblebee and most excitingly there’s a very Tim Drake style Robin lurking in the back left corner.

Close to Batgirl we can also see Black Lightning, the newest entry to TVs Arrowverse. We can also see Poison Ivy and looming large in the background is Spectre. Over on the right are Black Manta and Mera. Both soon to be seen in James Wan’s Aquaman. There are also looks at Scarecrow, Blue Beetle, Lobo and Solomon Grundy.

You’ll notice that peppered throughout the scene are members of Green Lantern Corps. It’s clear this cast of characters are important to the future of DC Films.

Pulling out to the full shot gives some tiny glimpses at Black Canary, The Riddler is on the furthest left of the characters as well as what appears to be Renee Montoya as The Question. Over on the far right are Starfire from Teen Titans as well as Cheeta and a whole host of other villains.

Is there any one you can spot that we have missed? We’d love to know your favourites!

Here’s our UHD gallery of shots from the full intro.

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