‘The Flash’ #8 Review!

'The Flash' #8 art by 'The Flash' #8 cover by Carmine Di Giandomenico
'The Flash' #8 art by 'The Flash' #8 cover by Carmine Di Giandomenico

'The Flash' #8 cover by Carmine Di Giandomenico

  • Written by Joshua Williamson
  • Pencils, Inks & Cover by Carmine Di Giandomenico
  • Coloured by Ivan Plascencia

“LIGHTNING STRIKES TWICE” part eight! When Godspeed brings his killing spree to Iron Heights, Barry Allen must protect his own Rogues Gallery-including his mother’s killer-from the deadly speedster! Luckily, The Flash has some help from Wally West, the newly christened Kid Flash!

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Time for another ridiculously high octane issue of ‘The Flash’. I referred to the last issue as feeling like the third act of a film or the season finale of a TV series. Well ‘The Flash’ #8 is just another part of that act.

There’s a brief reprieve to flashback over more of the relationship between Barry and August. Their friendship was given enough development that his descent in to becoming Godspeed does seem somewhat tragic. We get a moment to remember times gone by before jumping right back in to the action as Flash and Godspeed are heading for Iron Heights.

There’s a twisted logic to Godspeed which writer Joshua Williamson writes really well. He feels he is genuinely out for justice but like some many villains the line between justice and crime is blurred. Of course the story cannot last forever and with the help of Kid Flash (more on him in a moment) August does end up in Iron Heights in a cell all of his own.

Capturing Godspeed gives us the second reprieve of the issue. There’s a very classic across the table meeting between Barry and August which serves a couple of purposes:

  1. To reset their relationship, it’s time to lay the groundwork for how they will interact for the future.
  2. To kick the story in to its next part as Black Hole still has more torment for Central City.

Just to add to the tragedy of August, Barry has to throw in that he murder of the man accused of killing his brother was misplaced. The real murderer is still free. Of course this is ‘The Flash’ and this is Barry Allen so he vows to find the killer regardless of August’s actions as Godspeed.

Wally is also afforded some great character development in this issue as he finally gets his Kid Flash costume. Using the Speed Force to such a degree that his costume is born from his own powers. It’s a great moment for the character who now has to stand against the original Wally West.

The moment where Wally outs himself to Iris as a Speedster is also a great character moment in a series which prides itself on brilliant characters.

I keep saying it, over and over again. ‘The Flash’ looks amazing. It’s such a stunning looking series. Di Giandomenico and Plascencia have just crafted a unique, immersive, colourful and all round engaging series which I would argue is at the artistic forefront of DC Comics today. There is no other series I’m reading right now which looks anywhere near this good.


‘The Flash’ #8 is a a stunning ending to a story which ran at breakneck speed throughout. Amazing artwork, emotional story, it’s as near to perfection as a fan can hope for.

5 stars

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