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Grayson #12



Artwork from 'Grayson' #12 by Mikel Janin
'Grayson' #12 cover by Mikel Janin

‘Grayson’ #12 cover by Mikel Janin

  • Written by Tom King
  • Pencils & Inks by Mikel Janin
  • Colored by Jeremy Cox
  • Cover by Mikel Janin

For the first time since he faked his own death, Dick Grayson returns home to Gotham City. But will Spyral ever really let him go for good? When Dick comes home to find that the Batman he knew is gone, he seeks out his mentor, Superman. But both friends have changed since they last met. Can they find common ground and team up to stop Blockbuster’s plans for Spyral?

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No review of this absolutely seminal issue in the ‘Grayson’ series can start without discuss that stunning cover art by Mikel Janin. ‘Grayson’ #12 brings Dick home and given that the whole Bat-family believe him dead there was no way that consequences would be avoided. Janin captures the emotion of the book perfectly in the cover, as Dick rides back in to town all the people on his mind are right there before him over the city.

It looks different to every other cover in the series and sets it apart in a way that the story really deserves. When I first saw the cover I was so impressed I felt the need to tweet Janin himself and he was gracious enough to reply. It really deserves to be framed and on the office wall.

As for the story itself there is a huge amount of pay off to fans who have been waiting for the secret of Dick’s survival to the Bat-family. They have all been in the dark since Lex Luthor ‘killed’ Dick during the ‘Forever Evil’ run back last year although fans of ‘Batgirl’ will know that she has had her suspicions since her run in with Spyral in her most recent annual edition.

‘Grayson’ #12 comprises of a series of reveals to each of the Bat-family with Dick apologising and explaining himself to each as the story progresses. There’s time for him to catch up with Tim, Jason, Barbara and Damian although not before he has a chance to put Bruce’s life in danger and spend some time with Alfred.

I’ve said it before but DC Comics are really setting up Grayson (the person not the title) and to a lesser extent Barbara to take centre stage in the Bat-family and with this issue he becomes the centre of the entire franchise. The cynic in me would say that’s perfectly timed for the launch of the new ‘Batman & Robin: Eternal’ series but the optimist in me is in control and happy to say that it is because the story genuinely warrants it.

Highlight moments for me were the scenes with Barbara. The two have always had a great relationship that jumps off the page and their personal feelings for each other meant that this scene was always going to be difficult, coupled with his appearance in the ‘Batgirl’ annual and sparks definitely did fly between these two.

His most emotional conversation was with Damian. Having served as Batman to his Robin, Dick has a great deal of respect for the young Wayne and it is clear from their conversation that the feeling is mutual. It was a great reminder of how much fun the ‘Batman & Robin’ series was under their charge and with the upcoming ‘Robin War’ and ‘Eternal’ series I hope there is room to put these two together once again.

The story brilliantly culminates in a little twist that I won’t spoil here but it brings the story to a great conclusion which sets up much of the action which will unfold over the next few months across many of the Bat-family titles.

Dialogue is meaningful without being drawn out and the artwork lives up to the stunning cover. I would say that you should have some background on the series before jumping in at ‘Grayson’ #12 but actually for the pure emotional impact of this issue and the outstanding artwork I am going to say pick this up regardless of your understanding!

5 stars



5 stars


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