COMIC REVIEW: ‘Batman: The Dark Knight’ #23.2 Mr. Freeze

‘Batman: The Dark Knight’ #23.2 Mr. Freeze
‘Batman: The Dark Knight’ #23.2 Mr. Freeze
‘Batman: The Dark Knight’ #23.2 Mr. Freeze
‘Batman: The Dark Knight’ #23.2 Mr. Freeze
  • Cover by Guillem March
  • Written by Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti
  • Art by Jason Masters
  • Coloured by Dave McCaig

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As I’m sure you’re all aware by now I am a massive fan of Batman and his various comics so I’ve been loving a lot of these portraits of his major villains throughout ‘Villains Month’ and thankfully there are enough different Bat-titles to allow many of the villains to shine.

Freeze has turned up a couple of times during this month, having been a major player in ‘Batman Detective Comics’ #23.3 which is the story of Scarecrow but this is his chance to run a title all by himself.

He featured heavily in ‘Batman’ annual #1 also which showed a lot of his childhood relationship with this mother, here we dip back in to that relationship and the loss of his father.

This is another one of those villains issues which doesn’t really focus on the fact that Batman is missing from the world and instead focus on an emotional aspect of the villain himself.

This issue focusses on Victor’s intense need for love stemming from the loss of both his parents. The revelations about his father were interesting, I’m sure in the past I’ve only really seen stories which focus on the wife aspect of her life and not the childhood and family etc…

It’s a story that humanises the character really well and actually by the end, twisted as it was, I felt a little sorry for him.

The artwork is typically blue for a Freeze story. There’s not really any new ground to cover apart from the childhood aspects but nonetheless it is an aesthetically pleasing issue throughout.

There’s little to delineate between the present day and flashback panels but the story and dialogue help to alleviate any confusion. There are times when the faces get a little confusing but again it’s a minor gripe in an issue which is a genuinely intriguing look in to the psyche of this character.


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