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COMIC REVIEW: ‘Batman’ #23.2 The Riddler



‘Batman’ #23.2 The Riddler
‘Batman’ #23.2 The Riddler

‘Batman’ #23.2 The Riddler

  • Cover by Guillem March
  • Written by Ray Fawkes & Scott Snyder
  • Art by Jeremy Haun
  • Colours by John Rauch

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The flagship ‘Batman’ series seems to have fallen back in love with The Riddler again recently. His reintroduction in the ‘Zero Year’ story – referenced here a couple of times – has been somewhat of a rebirth for the character. We now know he was present in the early days of Bruce’s vigilante career and that’ going to make him a pivotal role as that story continue to unfold so it’s clearly no accident that this story puts Nygma back in the heart of Wayne Enterprises.

This is a short story of revenge and in the end its pretty cold hearted but not without reason. Typically one might expect a story featuring one of Gotham’s A-list villains breaking in to the Wayne building would be a story about trying to take control of the company or its assets but brilliants despite all the setup this story is very simply about an incident which happened to Nygma whilst in Arkham.

I’m still enjoying all of these character pieces but can’t help but want to see a bit more of the wider Gotham which has completely sunk in to disarray with Batman missing. There’s a world of stories to be told which could potentially rival the ‘No Man’s Land’ arc and at some point I hope we get to explore it further.

In the meantime this is really well written story courtesy of Snyder and Fawkes which helps to tie the present day Riddler to the version of the character that we’re seeing develop in ‘Zero Year’.

Haun’s artwork is very much in the style that the ‘Batman’ series has adopted over the last couple of years so there’s a visual continuity that’s very pleasing to fans of this series. The Riddler comes off as a little more violent in this book than I’ve seen him for some years and Haun visualises that well, particularly in the confrontation that takes place towards the end.

A definite ‘Villains Month’ highlight!


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