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Dave reviews the latest issue of Image Comics’ KING SPAWN, available now where all good comic books are sold.



Gunslinger Spawn #15 (Image Comics)

Gunslinger Spawn #25 is published by Image Comics, written by Todd McFarlane and illustrated by Dexter Soy.

Issue #25 is available 25th October 2023 either directly from Image Comics online or from your local comic book store, digital copies will be available to download from the usual content providers.


Another enemy returns from Gunslinger’s past, but this time they’re looking for his help, not a fight.


Gunslinger Spawn is on a rampage with one thing on his blood thirsty mind, revenge. When it comes to HellSpawn they don’t really do the whole revenge served cold thing, they much prefer theirs with a side of severed limbs and a splattering of blood, with this in mind you kind of know what type of revenge Gunslinger is looking for, having heard the information regarding his sister he’s in no frame of mind for discussions.

The guilt of losing his sister to this vile man is eating away at Gunslinger, like a cancer it slowly takes over his body to the point he can think of nothing else that getting the revenge, after knocking a few doors and shaking a few trees he knows exactly where he needs to go and who he needs to see and he’s not in the mood for pleasantries. Gunslinger’s target is an overweight despicably unpleasant business man Wilbur who sits proudly in his office with his frame shoe horned into his leather fat cat chair looking down at the peasants below, that is until the lights go out and the green eyed face of the Hellspawn appears behind him.

Gunslinger’s unique brand of interrogation techniques wouldn’t really stand up in any human rights court in the land but you can’t deny it’s effectiveness in getting the information he needs, but this is just the beginning, the tip of the metaphoric iceberg.

Recently I found that although Spawn comics in general have that unique darkness, Gunslinger Spawn however seems to have become even darker especially in the last couple of issues which for me certainly isn’t a bad thing whatsoever. Todd McFarlane has the ability to take the characters he’s created and breathe new life into each one producing a vibrantly intense story that will leave you mesmerised into this world.

The Gunslinger story arc is rapidly becoming the strongest story in comics, each issue cranks up the heart racing intensity that leaves you wanting more. I have been a Spawn fan for many years and will continue to be one but Gunslinger Spawn is quickly becoming one of my favourite characters within this multiverse, the impassioned words on the pages resonates on a relatable level making the reader believe the story could quite easily be a reality.

There is no doubt about it that Dexter Soy is one of the most talented illustrators out there in comics right now and this comic series highlights that fact every issue, the furious action packed pace is perfectly captured in every frame with Brett’s artwork in all it’s bloody glory, you can almost feel every blow from the fight as you hold the page. It must be hard when you are drawing for such a well known iconic brand that you don’t get stuck into drawing the same thing that basically made the brand so popular but Brett uses his talents to keep each issue feeling fresh making it a joy for the reader to experience.


It must be getting predictable at this point what the score is going to be but I just can’t give it any less that the full 5⭐ the creative team behind it are the best in the industry and that is evident with what is on the pages. Gunslinger’s journey is becoming a personal vendetta that no one should get in his way or you will no doubt experience the bloody wrath of the Hellspawn. A creative masterpiece that just needs to be witnessed, miss this and you’re most definitely missing out.


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