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SPAWN #346 Review

Dave reviews the latest issue of Image Comics’ SPAWN, available now in print and on digital platforms where all good comic books are sold.



Spawn #342 (Image Comics)

Spawn #346 is published by Image Comics, written by Rory McConville and illustrated by Carlo Barberi.

Issue #346 is available 25th October 2023 either directly from Image Comics online or from your local comic book store, digital copies will be available to download from the usual content providers.


The race for the Throne of Hell has begun. Forces and factions from all sides are starting to close in, and Spawn is starting to doubt who he can trust. But without his allies, there is no way he will survive!


As Sinn gets ever closer to Hell’s throne Spawn and the others are battling their way through to stop him, but who has the upper hand? Eddie meets back up with Spawn and the group out of breath and battle worn, he tells Spawn of an ambush that caught Medieval and Gunslinger by surprise, Spawn suspects it’s the work of Sinn and his men as he tightens his grip on the HellSpawn. Spawn has a plan that will get the group to Hell’s throne before Sinn gets there but She-Spawn is suspicious of Spawn’s intentions however these suspicions she will keep under wrap for now.

Whilst all this is going on Clown and Cataclysm form an.un easy alliance that will ensure that Sinn does not reach Hell’s throne, whether it be an evil plan or not I get this feeling that Clown’s intentions aren’t being made clear, Cataclysm is under the impression he has a powerful ally but Clown doesn’t have the best of track records at the best of times, it’s not only Spawn that needs to be wary.

The conflict for the coveted Hell’s throne is reaching fever pitch with Sinn feeling that he already has one evil hand on the throne but he may be wise to keep one eye over his shoulder as others are catching up in the shadows.

There aren’t many comic series that can be 346 issues deep and still as captivating as Spawn is, the series keeps evolving and gathers strength keeping it feeling as fresh as the very first issue all that time ago and it just looks to just keep that trend going. The success of the series is down to the creative team involved some of the best in the business including talented writer Rory McConville who writes the story of the battle of Hell’s throne with furious intensity that hits the reader straight between the eyes.

It almost feels like two separate stories in this book as you have the main vein of story with Spawn and the others trying to intercept Sinn’s push for the throne but in the background you also have the underlying story of Clown and Cataclysm who are conspiring within the shadows, the two stories give the book an intense energy that will hook your attention throughout as this event begins to reach fever pitch.

I’m always blown away by the artistic style of the Spawn comics and this book definitely carries on that trend, the dark nature of the story is accentuated with the artistic style of Carlo Barberi. Carlo brings to life this intense story with dramatic tones that gives the reader that punching impact that will leave you smiling with a fulfilled enjoyment.

The main cover from artist Mike Deodato Jr depicts a furious Cy Gor in mid action shot in one of the best images I have seen on a front cover, it perfectly captures the feeling of the book.


Intensity in the bucket loads, the race for Hell’s throne is on but who will finally sit on there. You may thing the end of this story is sewn up but others are in the wings to change all that. This series is hotting up to a level you can almost burn your fingers on the pages.


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