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KING SPAWN #26 Review

Dave reviews the latest issue of Image Comics’ KING SPAWN, available today in print and on digital where all good comic books are sold.



King Spawn #26 (Image Comics)

King Spawn #26 is published by Image Comics, written by Sean Lewis and illustrated by Javi Fernandez.

Issue #26 is available 4th October 2023 either directly from Image Comics online or from your local comic book store, digital copies will be available to download from the usual content providers.


Clown is back on the streets of New York City, but it’s not Al he’s hunting. Who is Clown after, and can Spawn save them in time?


These are definitely the darkest of times for Spawn, Cogliostro is close to Hell’s throne which would send catastrophic shock waves through the universe he has to be stopped at all costs but just how?

Spawn needs to find answers and quickly and he knows exactly who he needs to go and see, Visage. But getting to see Visage would mean first shaking a few trees and as we know Spawn is a dab hand at tree shaking but he has no time he needs answers now. Using he best powers of persuasion he finds himself on the right path to Visage, Spawn needs to get Visage on side if he is going to be able to get a plan in place to prevent Cogliostro reaching the throne, it won’t be easy but when are things ever easy in the Spawn universe?

Sean Lewis has outdone himself again as this issue is for me one of the stand out issues of this series, as the dangerous game of cat and mouse between Spawn and Cogliostro is getting seriously dark and that’s even darker than normal Spawn levels. This series had seen the epic dual battle evolve into a world shattering battle that could well rearrange the entire multiverse forever. The intensity hits you from the first page and is relentless throughout, a journey that will leave you mesmerised and exhausted, this comic throws everything at you and I am definitely all for it.

The illustrations are simply put stunning, Javi Fernandez has produced some of his best work as he always does with eye popping visuals that draw you deeper into this darkened world. The action sequences have a dark rawness to them that just gives the story that extra dramatic touch. Each and every book in the Spawn multiverse has a high level of artwork and this is no exception and becoming more of an industry benchmark.


Visually stunning, creatively perfect Sean Lewis and Javi Fernandez are at the top of their games this is how comics should be done.


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