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SCRAPPER #3 Review

Dave reviews the latest issue of Image Comics’ SCRAPPER, available now in print and on digital where all good comic books are sold.



Scrapper #1 (Image Comics)

Scrapper #3 is published by Image Comics, written by Cliff Bleszinski and Alex De Campi and illustrated by Ryan Kelly and Jordie Bellaire.

Issue #3 is available 20th September 2023 either directly from Image Comics online or from your local comic book store, digital copies will be available to download from the usual content providers.


Scrapper grapples with his legacy with Daisy the Raccoon’s help. Using his new powers and Daisy’s skills, Scrapper pushes toward an ambitious assault on a SMITE laboratory. But finding out what SMITE is up to may cost them everything…


The fight back against the corrupt power starts here, after some deep searching and an enhanced racoon friend with an eye for engineering helping Scrapper discover his potential the make shift crew of animal friends decide the time is right to take down SMITE. Scrapper has his eyes on one of SMITE’s operations, a once disused warehouse now being used to manufacture a special enhancement serum that Scrapper has deep suspicions that SMITE is involved.

It’s a risk but if taking the fight to the man is what it takes to get the revenge that Scrapper seeks for the deaths of his beloved family that Scrapper firmly lays the blame at SMITE’s door. Scrapper may well be a street dog by nature but he definitely has the heart of a lion and with the help of his trusted friends he vows to take down the corrupt corporate Goliath that is SMITE, it may well be an ambitious mission but when you have the ambition to think big and the heart and spirit to match anything is possible.

Cliff Bleszinski and Alex De Campi once again bring together their creative minds to continue the ultimate underdog story, the creativity in the writing shines through as Scrapper’s constant battle against the corporate ruling builds up with tremendous pace, throughout the book you get the warm feeling as you see Scrapper and his friends come together to take down an enemy alot bigger and more threatening than them, this isn’t divide and conquer as the band of society’s outcasts prove that your voice can be heard.

I love the darkened tone of the illustrations, I feel like it really adds depth to the dystopian world that you are thrust into. Ryan Kelly and Jordie Bellair utilise their artistic talents to take the book up a level as Scrapper begins his fight back, the enemy (SMITE) comes across threatening with dramatic tones used as they inflict their heavy handed justice on the area. The explosive action bursts out of every panel making the book an unmissable read.


As the fight against the big evil corporation builds up the fast paced action pulls you in. Scrapper is the four legged hero we all need, inspirational and empowering definitely well worth your time.


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