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Dave reviews brand new animated adventure RALLY ROAD RACERS. Vertigo Releasing drops the film in UK cinemas from tomorrow, September 15.



Rally Road Racers (Viva Kids)

Vertigo Releasing presents Rally Road Racers in UK Cinemas from 15th September.


Rally Road Racers follows a slow loris named Zhi (Jimmy O. Yang) who has a need for speed and must overcome his lack of experience and personal obstacles to win an international car race across China to save his Granny’s home. Across the four gruelling days of the Silk Road Rally, Zhi is tested time and time again, but the power of friendship and love save the day.


Sometimes it’s good to just sit back and enjoy a feel good animation, that’s just what Rally Road Racers is a David Vs Goliath feel good story with plenty of funny quirks thrown in for good measure. The main part of the film follows Zhi as he desperately endeavours to bring his dream to reality and become a race car driver it’s all he’s ever wanted

For years as a child Zhi idolised the legendary racer Archie Veinglorious who has won pretty much every race leaving everyone else firmly in his dust, spending hours hurtling round in his scooter with his grandmother’s rice pot on his head as a helmet, which he painted to resemble Veinglorious. In a village of slow loris’s where all they want to do is slow time down and find that inner peace someone like Zhi living life in top gear in the fast lane, those around him look down and frown upon his fast pace lifestyle choice, try as they might to slow him down Zhi knows he has a purpose and that’s to become a racing champion and he has the fire inside him to succeed.

Years go by until one fateful day Zhi and Veinglorious cross paths, but it’s not for the reason that Zhi would’ve have hoped for as when he finally meets his lifelong hero in real life he turns out to be the ultimate villain, looking at wiping out the last slow loris village, the place Zhi calls home, replacing it with luxury lillypad living at Muddy Meadows. Zhi see’s a chance to save his village and his family, win the legendary Silk Road Rally, raising the stakes the village being the prize all Zhi needs to do is beat the legend who just so happens loves to play dirty.

Rally Road Racers is a classic style cat and mouse film, for those of a certain age (me included) you can see inspiration from cartoons such as Wacky Racers and that’s most definitely not a bad thing. Mad cap vehicles and characters make this journey fun throughout making the film an easy watch with moments of laughter that keeps the viewer engaged. Jimmy O. Yang and John Cleese do a great job in voicing the two main characters, the back and forth between the two really works on screen with comedic quips bouncing between the two. As with alot of animated films I’ve seen underneath the fun and bright colours a meaningful story flows through it and Rally Road Racers carries on that tradition with an theme on hope and fighting for the greater good keeping the embers of the story blowing.

The director Ross Venokur gets it right with this film, it’s billed as “fun for all the family” and it really is, kids will love the animal characters and the adults will love the subtle comedic nods dotted throughout while at the same time keeping the story naturally flowing.


I really enjoyed this film, I felt like it ticked all the boxes for entertainment it left me with a smile on my face when I finished watching it. Probably won’t be winning any Oscars anytime soon but a well put together production and the idea to have John Cleese voice the hapless villain was just a masterstroke.


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