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Dave reviews the latest issue of Image Comics’ GUNSLINGER SPAWN, available now where all good comic books are sold.



Gunslinger Spawn #15 (Image Comics)

Gunslinger Spawn #21 is published by Image Comics, written by Todd McFarlane and illustrated by Brett Booth.

Issue #21 is available 14th June 2023 either directly from Image Comics online or from your local comic book store, digital copies will be available to download from the usual content providers.


The sickness is still spreading through Gunslinger’s body. The angelic power is starting to corrupt him and his old friend Waya is the only hope he has.


In this issue we catch up with Gunslinger and Taylor as they attempt to rest up ahead of the battle that lies ahead, Taylor can’t shake a sneaking suspicion that Dakota isn’t being completely honest with them on her intentions going forward, is she looking for help to take her father down? Or is she simply delivering them on a plate in an elaborate trap? at this point it is only a suspicion but time will tell, this is a trust she will have to earn

Spawn and Dakota must travel to the island where the Clown and his minions are residing hidden from the human eye by a forcefield, only higher beings can pass through this barrier meaning only Dakota and Gunslinger can travel leaving Taylor waiting in the background, again suspicion arrises as this is potentially weakening the trio. A battle to end all battles is awaiting, Gunslinger needs to be ready, but is he?

Who would have thought that demons and dinosaurs are something that we needed in comics, it most definitely is! Todd McFarlane has once again written a story that takes this series to the next level, starting off quite relaxed and a slow pace but then reaching the dramatic climax giving the reader a story that gives a lasting impact building the anticipation perfectly for the next issue. Gunslinger Spawn and The Clown is one battle that I can’t wait to see as I can’t see who will come out on top, one thing is for sure it will definitely be a battle of epic proportions.

The artwork of this book is immense, highly detailed and graphic at parts it needs to be, Brett Booth finds the perfect balance in his artwork that elevates the story and highlights the intensity of the written words, the artwork of the Clown although is nightmare fuel it has to be one of the best in comics.


I’m a big fan of the Spawn universe and can definitely say that Gunslinger Spawn has become my favourite out of them all, the series keeps bringing me everything I need in a comic, action packed tension in the story and mesmerising artwork that blows me away each time. The series is now 21 issues deep and has no signs of slowing down anytime soon.


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