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Green Arrow (2023-) #2 Review

Neil reviews the latest issue of DC Comics’ brand new GREEN ARROW series. Issue #2 is available now where all good comic books are sold.



Green Arrow #2 (DC Comics)

Green Arrow #2 is written by Joshua Williamson and published by DC Comics. Artwork and cover (left) are by Sean Izaakse with interior and cover colours by Romulo Fajardo Jr. Letters are by Troy Peteri.

Green Arrow #2 is available now, in print and on digital, where all good comic books are sold.


Green Arrow is alive…but where the hell is he?! That’s what Roy Harper and Black Canary want to know, and their search takes them into the bowels of Belle Reve. But they’d better hurry-the stranded Oliver Queen and another lost member of the Green Arrow family are both being hunted by a brand-new villain called…Troublemaker.


Last month I commented that I felt the debut issue of Green Arrow was somewhat overstuffed. Whilst I rated the debut four stars I definitely left the book with concerns about how Joshua Williamson would continue an arc with so many divergent storylines and characters.

It turns out that was just debut-itis as issue #2 is infinitely more concise. This month I could feel the direction of the book coming through loud and clear. It’s also helped by the fact that Green Arrow‘s ties to the Dawn of DC initiative became entirely clear. I’m going to chalk up the scattered nature of last month to the need to reintroduce so many characters after the series’ long-absence from comic book stores.

Despite my niggles one this is abundantly clear, Williamson does have an incredible grasp on each of the Arrow-family characters. Their individual voices come through loud and clear regardless of who is in the spotlight. As we kick off issue #2 it’s Roy Harper aka Arsenal. Though he’s supported in these scenes by Black Canary, it’s really Roy who is focus of the story Williamson is telling. His trademark hot-headedness has him on a potentially suicidal mission to take down Amanda Waller and find Oliver. It’s that mission which puts him directly in the crosshairs of characters who you may have seen turn up in last week’s Titans #1.

Roy and Dinah bookend issue #2 perfectly with enough action and suspense to grab the reader. But the bulk of the story – as it should – belongs to Oliver who is still stranded somewhere in Sector 867-5309 and being mistaken for a Green Lantern. He’s doing his thing to help protect the innocent and that puts him in the crosshairs of a crime boss he affectionately calls “Jabba the Cat”. But more than that Williamson is exploring Oliver’s mental state as he grapples with his own absenteeism from his friends.

There seems to be a psychological push and pull which is underpinning the rest of the story. On the one hand Oliver is missing Dinah and his family. But on the other it seems he’s resigned himself to being kept separate from them. Be it some grand plan from the multiverse or just his own misplaced sense of duty. But having Lian now trapped on the same planet seems to simultaneously offer him a release and a reminder of what he’s lost. Their story is very much left on a cliffhanger for next month. One which I think Green Arrow needs in order to maintain a sense of momentum.

It’s great to see the alien landscape of Sector 867-5309 giving artist Sean Izaakse the chance to flex his muscles. The landscape of the alien world is dynamic and Izaakse keeps it exciting with lots of cool character designs and creature work. Romulo Fajardo Jr.’s colouring also works incredibly well in Green Arrow‘s favour. The trademark green of Oliver’s costume stands out perfectly against the darker hues of the strange planet.


Issue #2 brilliantly builds on the foundations of last month. It’s clear that Williamson has a plan for Oliver and the rest of the Green Arrow cast but at the same time he isn’t revealing all his plans right away. The various elements feel more balanced this month as the story digs in to its Dawn of DC connections and sets up some interesting storytelling for next month.


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