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Neil reviews the latest issue of Image Comics’ RADIANT BLACK, available now in print and on digital where all good comic books are sold.



Radiant Black #24 (Image Comics)

Radiant Black #24 is written by Kyle Higgins and published by Image Comics. Artwork is by Marcelo Costa with colours by Igor Monti and letters by Becca Carey. Main cover art (left) is by Eleonora Carlini.

Radiant Black #24 is available now, in print and on digital platforms, where all good comic books are sold.


With their shared powers out of control, Nathan and Marshall go back to the source. But what new challenges await them within Existence? And what secrets will come out in a place with only truth?


We’re just two months away from the first crossover event in the so-called Massive-Verse. But before a villainous empire of machines attempts to overthrow The Radiance, Radiant Black has a few loose ends to tie up. Over the last couple of months it’s felt like Higgins was really pushing to get everyone in place ready for the crossover.

Those efforts culminate in an explosive issue this week, both visually and narratively. Nathan and Marshall have been at the core of Radiant Black from the outset. The push-and-pull between them over the Radiant power has really crackled beneath the surface through the book’s run to-date. So with an apocalyptic crisis on the threshold, it does seem only right that Higgins address each character’s future as the titular hero.

What better way to have both characters confront their feelings than with a trip in to the Existence, the source of Radiant’s powers. It makes sense narratively but also offers up a world of creative opportunity for the artists. Whilst there are some incredible emotional beats in Higgins’ story, it’s Costa and Monti who are the MVPs this issue. The Existence looks outstanding in every panel on every page. They break with structural tradition, throwing everything out of the window to create a unique and masterful vision that challenges both to up their game.

In its final act Radiant Black #24 really thrusts a huge new conflict in to the mix. Nathan finally confronts his anxiety around Marshall wielding the powers and shares those feelings. With such a huge event on the horizon, Higgins really twists the knife in with this revelation. To make matters worse, in a cruel twist of fate it is up to us to decide who will eventually wield the power of Radiant Black. Turning over that last page, the DC fan in me totally understands how fans felt making the choice whether to kill or save Jason Todd. But what a brilliant decision on behalf of the creative team… I only hope we choose well!

After a couple of issues which really focussed on spectacle, Radiant Black #24 circled back to its characters brilliantly this month. It serves as the perfect reminder that underneath all of the superhero action are the beating hearts of two very human characters.


With the Catalyst War event on the horizon Radiant Black is running at full speed in preparation. Issue #24 allows Costa and Monti to explore their wild side in a technicolour explosion whilst Higgins sets in motion some huge plot lines for the future…


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