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Ren breaks down all the biggest moments in the brand new trailer for Netflix’s MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS: ONCE & ALWAYS.



Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once and Always (Netflix)

Ranger Nation Rise!

The official trailer for the 30th Anniversary Special – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always – has hit the grid, courtesy of Netflix, and while it very much feels like a small teaser hiding away big surprises: we now have a full scope of the premise, the story and stakes, characters, and we’re given just enough to speculate about how it connects to the past, present and future of the franchise.

Before anything else it needs to be addressed how strong Netflix’s (and Hasbro’s) backing is for the project: swooping wide shots, grand production design, revamped looks for the Zords, the Megazord and a brand-new, high tech COMMAND CENTER. The fight sequences also give a bigger sense of immersion than ever before, with oners travelling across individual fights to reveal the destroyed surroundings.

The trailer begins with what looks like a typical battle between the Power Rangers and Putties atop a seaside cliff, because it wouldn’t be Power Rangers without such a location, as the entire Mighty Morphin team (Green Ranger included) takes on Rita’s evil henchmen. It’s here the first surprise is given to fans in the form of a returning Rita Repulsa in cyborg glory. Rita claims to have found a new body, and presumably new power, with which she can defeat the Rangers, and she almost lives up to this threat as one of the Rangers meets their end. Trini falls to the evil space witch, and the teenager with attitude find themselves mourning the loss of a friend, mirroring the real-life tragic passing of the Yellow Ranger actress Thuy Trang in 2001. 

From here the trailer confirms many fans’ theories in regards to Charlie Kersh’s character: the trailer confirms she is indeed playing Trini’s daughter: Minh Kwan, in a scene where the Rangers approach Minh to deliver the unfortunate news. And as the rest of the trailer unfolds we learn of Rita’s plan: to create a time portal so she can kill the Rangers before Zordon even gives them the Power Coins, connecting them to the Grid, and as Billy (David Yost) and Zach (Walter Jones) along with ALPHA set out to stop Rita, they are joined by Rocky (Steve Cardenas) and Kat (Catherine Sutherland) in what seems to be the first time in a long time, suggesting the Ranger team members fighting Rita as the trailer starts could include Jason, Kim and of course, Tommy Oliver.

We’re also given a glimpse into Adam (John Young Bosch) and Aisha (Karan Ashley), who while not joining the team, seem to be doing their part to help the Rangers as part of the SPA (Space Patrol Alpha) a strong tie-in to the 13th Season of the series set in the year 2025.

It’s from this point that the trailer begins playing its cards close to its chest about what else the 30thAnniversary’s story is hiding. Whatever else we’re given feel exciting, if familiar, but we also get one shot of two new original antagonists whose names are not disclosed. From their looks it’s as if they align with the cyborg motif Rita herself is dawning in this special. Their one line has them asking if the Rangers are new, and it could be the trailer playing an editing trick on us, as fans will be quick to notice that after that opening sequence there are no other scenes with a full line up of Rangers besides Blue (Billy), Zach (Black), Rocky (Red) and Kat (Pink). 

It should be more than safe to speculate that Minh will take up the mantle of the Yellow Ranger despite the Rangers wishes to have her stay back as to protect her, but Minh is sure to have inherited her mother’s fighting spirit. It wouldn’t be the first time a character takes up a Ranger mantle from a family member, but this would be the first time it happens across seasons, or rather: across a season and a special. Would the franchise go to such lengths to transfer the Yellow Ranger mantle to a brand new, young character who is age appropriate to fit into the upcoming Cosmic Fury Season, if it didn’t have long term plans to Minh and the rest of the Mighty Morphin team?

Only Netflix, Hasbro, and the original Rangers know. All we fans can do is speculate about what else awaits us in the 55-minute special. It feels like the Morphin Masters have blessed Power Rangers fans, and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always is such the beginning of what promises to be a Morphenomenal era for the franchise.

We’ll be sure to cover any & everything Power Rangers as more news, comics, episodes release and brand new doors open across the Grid.

May the Power protect you.


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