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Dave reviews FORTRESS: SNIPER’S EYE starring Bruce Willis. The film is available now on digital platforms from Signature Entertainment.



Fortress: Sniper's Eye (Signature Entertainment)

Signature Entertainment presents Fortress: Sniper’s Eye on Digital Platforms 11th July and DVD 18th July.


Retired CIA agent Robert Carter Michaels and his son Paul have committed themselves to rebuilding their relationship after their epic last encounter spent protecting the highly secure secret base: the Fortress. When Paul’s wife, Melissa, is abducted, he and Robert embark on a deadly journey through the rugged mountains in hopes of saving her before time runs out.


I was lucky enough to review the first installment in this Fortress franchise, I deemed it as one of Bruce Willis’s better recent movies. So when the opportunity to review the sequel came up I was interested to see how this story could continue when it more or less came to an end with Frederick ending up face first in the river and what the viewer was left to assume was dead.

With the special force post now decommissioned they are in the middle of moving out with only a skeleton staff left on the site. Everything seems to be running smooth as Robert (Willis) recovers in the infirmary, Paul (Metalfe) is busy getting things ready as a visit from Melissa’s mother and sister is looming his mind couldn’t be any further from thinking about any danger, but with this being an action film it isn’t just going to be happy families for too long.

And that happy families stops quite abruptly as the vindictive Frederick returns and he is out for revenge bringing with him an army to wipe everyone out, this brings out the best in Paul as he turns into full on action hero and for me takes centre stage and owns the screen with Metcalfe producing a strong performance on screen. Normally when Willis is involved in the film he kinds of steals the show and the focus runs with him, however with Paul Willis’s presence seems to elevate his performance further as the two of them create the perfect father son on screen relationship.

I felt this sequel added more to the original story and felt like it tied up any loose ends, I have read that this is going to be a trilogy of films and I personally couldn’t see where the 3rd film would go I am definitely intrigued to see the third installment to see how it could evolve the story in any way. I felt Josh Sternfeld did a great job with the direction of the film giving a good balance of action and story, it probably won’t be winning any Oscars any time soon but does the job as a decent action film with Jesse Metcalfe and Bruce Willis carrying on with their great onscreen chemistry.


For once I will say that this is a sequel which easily bests the first movie!


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