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Check out the official trailer for Raven Banner Entertainment’s THE FIGHT MACHINE. The film premiered at Fantasia Festival on July 27.



The Fight Machine (Raven Banner Entertainment)

Raven Banner Entertainment has revealed the official trailer for The Fight Machine, based on the novel The Fighter by acclaimed author Craig Davidson (Rust & Bone). The Fight Machine is the third directorial feature from Raven Banner co-founder Andrew T. Hunt.

The film stars rising talent Greg Hovanessian and Dempsey Bryk, as well as veteran Canadian actors Natasha Henstridge, Michael Ironside and Greg Bryk, joining his son Dempsey as father and son onscreen. 

Check out the trailer in the player below:

The Fight Machine, Paul Harris leads a sheltered existence. The son of a winery owner, his suits and cars are paid for, his career in the family business assured. He is insulated from the rough realities of life—until a vicious barroom beating sets him down a new path.

Rob Tully also feels that his life is on a set course. A born boxer with natural talent, Rob trains with his father, Reuben, and his uncle Tommy, both of whom believe that a gift like his can change their lives.Rob and Paul’s fathers want so much more for their sons than they ever had themselves, but both sons are determined to find their own way. While Paul descends into the world of hardcore bodybuilding and boxing gyms, Rob struggles under the expectations set upon his young shoulders.Their disparate paths lead to The Barn, an underground fight venue where vicious and hopeless men brawl for cold hard cash. No rules, no limits, no brakes. And when two fighters step into a ring where anything goes, sometimes only one walks out.

The Fight Machine had its worldwide premiere July 27, 2022.

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