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Dave reviews the latest issue of Image Comics’ THE SCORCHED, available now in print and on digital where all good comics are sold.



The Scorched #1 (Image Comics)

The Scorched #7 is published by Image Comics, written by Sean Lewis and illustrated by Stephen Segovia.

Issue #7 is available from 29th June 2022 either directly from Image Comics online or from your local comic book store, digital copies will be available to download from the usual content providers.


Jessica Priest has been through the wringer in her life. Now, she has a purpose, something to believe in, people she can trust…or is it all a lie?


In this issue we see the cracks beginning to appear between the once strong force that is The Scorched, we find out the personal intentions for each of the characters and why they want to be involved for example Gunslinger Spawn wants to get back to his time but the intentions for Jessica Priest or She-Spawn are a mystery and cast some suspicion over ner from the others, someone is betraying the group but who is it?.

All this soul searching is all well and good but you can’t forget that they have the small problem of the Sin Devourers that they need to hunt down before they themselves become the hunted. Redeemer and Medieval Spawn are keeping a close eye on Natasha as she lays recovering in the medical facility, something is inside her fighting to get out but what is it.

Again Sean Lewis has thrown us (the readers) further into the Spawn Multiverse with another incredibly written book, the intense writing on each page make for a full on read keeping you guessing and questioning throughout.

The illustrations are supplied once again by Stephen Segovia and you can tell this is a labour of love as each panel is immensely detailed showing incredible structure of the characters with vibrant colours that fixate your attention throughout, for me the Spawn comics ever fail to impress me and The Scorched is always one of the best in terms of illustrations.


A flawless comic book. Lewis’ story is once again edge-of-your-seat stuff. Teamed with unrivalled artwork, this creative team just keep besting themselves every month.


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