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Dave reviews the latest issue of Image Comics’ RADIANT RED, available now in print and on digital where all good comics are sold.



Radiant Red (Image Comics)

Radiant Red #4 is published by Image Comics, written by Cherish Chen and illustrated by Miguel Muerto and David Lafuente.

Issue #4 is available from 22nd June 2022 either directly from Image Comics online or from your local comic book store, digital copies will be available to download from the usual content providers.


The job should be easy. Get in, get the payload, get out. But the job is never easy—and with her personal life on the brink of disaster and her new partner watching her every move, it’s going to take everything Satomi has to get through it in one piece.


In this issue we see the continuation of the Radiant Red story arc that sees Satomi getting to grips with her powers although they may be getting somewhat exploited. Through the last few issues we have seen Satomi or “Radiant Red ” recruited by a gang of anti heros who have been planning one final big job.

Like with any “one last job” story that you’ve either read or seen before you just know that this job isn’t going to go to plan although there has been some rather intricate planning behind the scenes. Satomi deep down inside knows she doesn’t want to do this, is it one job too many? It certainly feels a bit iffy. Satomi is suspicious of her fellow crew members and she certainly has good reason but events will unfold that will cement her feelings towards them.

This story arc has been a bit of a surprise from the start and definitely in a good way. Cherish Chen has created an anti hero that seems to be more good than bad but with a definite back streak in there. Each issue is building up to the main event especially this issue leaving us (the readers) firmly on the edge of our seats.

Miguel Muerto and David Lafuente once again team up to take on the illustrations of this book, giving the story an almost anime feel with it’s over the top action packed artwork that is a visual display of bold colours and dark powerful tones bringing to life this bold and brave story.


A story that’s been building from the start, this is going to be a big ending. An anti-hero story with many twists and turns, the creative team have done a great job in creating this offshoot from the Radiant series.


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