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Dave reviews the second issue of DC Comics’ FLASHPOINT BEYOND, available now in print and on digital where all good comics are sold.



Flashpoint Beyond #2 is published by DC Comics, written by Jeremy Adams, Tim Sheridan and Geoff Johns with art by Xermanico and Mikel Janin. Colours are by Romulo Fajardo Jr. and Jordie Bellaire and letters by Rob Leigh. Main cover art is by Mitch Gerards.

Issue #2 is available 7th June 2022 either directly from DC Comics online or from your local comic book store, digital copies will be available to download from the usual content providers.


The DC event of 2022 continues! As Thomas Wayne investigates the continuing mystery of the Clockwork Killer, another mystery erupts when a strange inmate within Arkham claims that Bruce Wayne is the only Batman that should exist. And Thomas’s world is again turned upside down when a new, twisted version of an iconic Batman villain is born.


Issue #2 sees the continuation of the DC event of 2022 as we still are in an alternate timeline where things seem familiar but different at the same time. Thomas Wayne is still at the helm as Batman but still troubled, hit by the anguish of his lost son Wayne. He seeks solace in the answers from a meeting with a strange inmate at Arkham Asylum, but the conversation doesn’t quite go to plan.

With anguish and pain burning deep inside Thomas Wayne the hunt for answers goes on but the arrival of one of Arkhams iconic villains.

The writing combination of Jeremy Adams, Tim Sheridan and Geoff Johns has paid off on a great scale as the writing feels raw and full of personal emotion and pain, each written word hits hard o different levels creating a powerful story arc that continues to evolve with every issue.

The illustrations of the comic from Xermanico Mikel Janin provide an equally powerful viewpoint still giving that dark and powerful vibe you normally get from a DC title. Creatively the team have worked well together and created a powerful and thought provoking story event that is building to an eventual epic conclusion.


A powerful and raw story that is growing with each issue creating an arc that definitely can’t be missed. An alternate world that will have you looking at Arkham in a different way than before.


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