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Dave reviews the latest issue of Image Comics’ HOME SICK PILOTS calling it “a series which never disappoints”. Available now.



Home Sick Pilots #11 (Image Comics)

Home Sick Pilots #11 is published by Image Comics, written by Dan Watters and illustrated by Casper Wijngaard.

Print copies are available 19th January 2022 either directly from Image Comics or from your local comic book store. Digital copies will be available to download from the usual content providers.


The Old James House might turn out to be Ami’s only hope…but it’s still missing a piece. And if anyone’s going to survive, that final ghost must be found.


My favourite comic series of last year makes a welcome return to continue the epic battle. The Old James House goes up against The Nuclear Bastard in the battle to end all battles. But this isn’t an ordinary war there is much more at stake, their are lives at risk this war machine is full of lost souls and there is a missing link to the puzzle that just has to be found.

It’s down to Ami to make the pieces fit, her only hope for survival now is the James House, Ami needs to harness the power of the house to take down the Nuclear Bastard once and for all in what looks like one of the most intense battles in comics, its more important than ever that she finds this lost soul before it’s too late, the rest of the band want to help, but what can they do? This arc just gets better with each issue, each time the suspense and action gets ramped up another level further.

Dan Watters for me is the stand out writer in comics at the moment, each page of this story is written with pure emotion and full of suspense. The comic gives the reader everything takes them on a journey of emotion and wonder as the story of the Home Sick Pilots plays out in epic fashion. Each page grips me further into the story arc, it’s honestly one of if not the best arc I’ve read so far every time I finished reading the book it stays in my mind and I spend hours going over what happened in my brain playing it over and again, superb writing that captures every bit of the imagination.

Casper Wijngaard works well with Dan’s writing style to perfectly illustrate the story step by step bringing each word to life in epic fashion, every page is powerful and full of colour captivating your senses and taking you on a visual journey into the story itself. I couldn’t think of a better creative paring to keep this story rolling, each issue leaves you wanting more and more the story is addictive and I personally can’t wait for issue #12.


A series which disappoints. Home Sick Pilots is everything I want in a comic book. A perfect combination of intense writing and eye catching illustration. This is what comics were made for.


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