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Dave reviews the debut issue of THE SCORCHED #1 from Image Comics, available now in print and on digital where all good comics are sold.



The Scorched #1 (Image Comics)

The Scorched #1 is published by Image Comics, written by Sean Lewis and illustrated by Paulo Siqueria.

Print copies are available now, either directly from Image Comics or from your local comic book store. Digital copies will be available to download from the usual content providers.


The first ALL-NEW issue of TODD McFARLANE’s superhero team book!

There’s a threat so big that no single hero can stop it, and the formation of this new supergroup is the only thing standing in its way. Members will include SPAWN, REDEEMER, GUNSLINGER, MEDIEVAL SPAWN, and SHE-SPAWN, with many more heroes waiting in the wings!

Join the battle in this FIRST ISSUE extravaganza as the forces of Heaven, Hell, and Earth collide!.


Being a Spawn fan I’ve always loved the different stories coming out of the multiverse, the latest new arc is The Scorched straight away I’m drawing comparisons to DC’s Suicide Squad but with this being Spawn you kind of get the idea it is going to be next level graphic.

The universe is in danger from a new type of threat which in turn needs to have a new type of hero to combat the threat and the best type of hero would be from the Spawn world, a new group of unlikely heroes is formed all with their own agendas but working together to achieve the same goal. I was personally pleased to see that Gunslinger Spawn is involved as this is personally one of my favorite characters from the world.

Although they all have their own agenda surprisingly The Scorched works as a team each bringing their own unique talents to defeat the threat which is unlike anything they have ever come across and already the anticipation is building ready for the next issue.

Writer Sean Lewis has taken the reigns for this one and has done a stellar job in bringing a fresh and new Spawn story to life in true fashion that all fans of the multiverse will enjoy, hopefully this issue has set the benchmark for the issues to come as if it does then we are in for one of the best series in comics.

The illustrations from Paulo Siqueria are in a word stunning, you do expect a certain look and feel to a Spawn comic and this has been captured and then some, incredible detail with enough graphic violence to keep you going. A great comic produced by a great creative team.


A great start to what looks to be another amazing story arc from the Spawn multiverse, this comic has everything a gripping story and amazing illustrations an all round perfect production.


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