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Dave reviews issue four of Image Comics’ FRONTIERSMAN giving the issue three stars. Read his review right here…



Frontiersman #1 (Image Comics)

Frontiersman #4 is published by Image Comics, written by Patrick Kindlon and illustrated by Marco Ferrari.

Print copies are available now, either direct from Image Comics or from your local comic book store. Digital copies will be available to download from the usual content providers.


Frontiersman is visited by another figure from his past: an Amazonian giant who doesn’t care about blurring the line between hero and villain…or nemesis and lover! Light nudity, but nothing too explicit. Some love, but nothing too mushy!


The Frontiersman story continues in this new issue taking the story up a notch as our unlikely hero and also pretty much a hero under sufferance has more ghosts from his past comes back to haunt him once more, but this time it’s a bit more personal in more ways than one. This story shall we say is a bit more close to the bone than the previous issues as we delve deeper into the past of Frontiersman and his past relations, could this really give us a better picture of why our hero is the way he is.

Patrick Kindlon has taken this story in a different direction introducing characters from the past to give us a better understanding of the full story, as at first I thought this would be an arc more around an eco warrior hero however as the issues roll on the story gets more intriguing as it seems ro unlock more from the past that has the potential to interfere with the future.

The illustrations from Marco Ferrari are stunning and really bring across the story well, each page is fully detailed and visually tells the story that Patrick is trying to put across. Using the creative talents of the two of them this really does seem to be a story that is growing with each issue.


A story that at first I didn’t quite understand, I’m now enjoying and looking forward to the next issue. Frontiersman is fast becoming my favourite anti hero, definitely giving the reader a main character you can relate to, in a story full of twists and turns I am looking forward to see what the creative team have in store for out hero.


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